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Sicko Podcast »

As promised there is now a Quick Hitts podcast that provides an extensive review of Michael Moore’s “Sicko.” It’s the Moore Nonsense” episode (#56) and you can find it here.


Porn on Main Street »

“When correctly viewed Everything is lewd” – from “Smut” by Tom Lehrer The City of Keizer, Oregon, put up cement posts to protect pedestrians from traffic. But some residents are complaining that they look like. . . boys things. The solution – they’re going to fit them with collars and connect them with chains. No, […]


Mad Max in Australia »

There is something almost magical about the social aspects of Cigars and Pipes. The simple act of lighting one changes your demeanor, relaxes you, and makes you more willing, hell, more able, to consider other points of view. Conversations among cigar and pipe smokers are different and better then most smoke free conversations.   As […]


Happy Fourth »

America no longer exists, but the United States is still a pretty cool place, so the Fourth is still worth celebrating. Big fireworks displays are great fun, but they’re still a passive experience, and Lee Greenwood sucks. So be sure to blow off some of your own fireworks. Make some noise. Blow stuff up. It’s […]


The Sickest Thing about “Sicko” »

There is much to despise in Michael Moore’s “Sicko.” Like all MM films it features a plethora of half truths and misleading numbers, a few outright lies, and it completely ignores many very important facts. Sometime in the next few days I’ll have an extensive review of it, along with a podcast. But I couldn’t […]