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It is now Illegal to Smoke IN YOUR OWN HOME »

In a semi-free country like the US it’s difficult to impose tyranny in one fell swoop. It has to be done slowly, little by little, baby step by baby step. And it’s important that those first few steps seem reasonable. The first anti-smoker law was passed in the sixties. It demanded smoking and non-smoking sections […]

Is Our Children Learning? »

The AP reported that  Louisiana Republican Sen. David Vitter earmarked $100,000 of our tax money for the Louisiana Family Forum, which is headed by former political cronies.  And what does this fine group do?  They push creationism. That’s right, our tax money is being used to finance an organization devoted to making kids stupid.  And […]

Why I Unsubscribed Your Podcast »

Out of the 60,000+ podcasts out there somehow yours caught my eye. It looked interesting enough for me to add it to my podcatcher and download a few shows. Unfortunately, I’ve removed it from my subscription list, for one or more of the following reasons. Your show is too long. I don’t have as much […]

Beware, Sagittarians »

If you’re not extremely skeptical of statistical claims, you should be. “SAGITTARIANS are 38% more likely to break a leg than people of other star signs — and Leos are 15% more likely to suffer from internal bleeding. So says a 2006 Canadian study that looked at the reasons residents of Ontario province had unplanned […]

Junk Food Defined »

This article, first published in 1990, provides a clear explanation of what should and should not be considered “junk food”. “The real definition of junk food (or, of any of its synonyms) should recognize the fact that the adjective is applied exclusively to food items that children, and especially teenagers, find appetizing. Thus, codliver oil, […]