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Ron Paul – What Are They Afraid Of? »

The mass media has been ignoring Ron Paul until recently. He set a record for raising the most money in one day – nearly five million dollars – in an internet campaign that wasn’t even officially connected to his political campaign. If any of the other candidates had done that, it would have been front […]


Jews Cause Global Warming »

No matter what the problem is, sooner or later someone will Blame The Jews. In yet another example why it’s so difficult to write satire in this world, a group calling themselves “Green Hanukkah” is calling on Jews to combat global warming by lighting one less Hanukkah candle. Each unburned candle will save a whopping […]


For the Children »

It’s becoming more and more difficult to write satire in this increasingly bizarre world. As an example, how can you possibly make this headline any funnier:  Catholic coloring book warns US kids of pedophile priests At least, someone on Fark noted, it’s not a pop-up book.


Cheap Entertainment »

Raise a glass to Clifford E. Clark, who took out a traffic light camera with three rounds from a .30-06. Clark was fined $50. $50? That’s quite a bargain. Where do I sign up?


Religion of Peace News »

You may already be following the story of Gillian Gibbons, the school teacher who asked her class of seven year olds to name the class teddy bear. They picked the name Mohamed. She was promptly arrested, thrown in jail, and told that she could get 40 lashes for such a heinous crime. She was trying […]