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Annie Duke on Internet Poker »

Yesterday, Annie Duke testified to the House Committee on the Judiciary about playing poker on line: Why it should be legal, why the whining nannies lament about compulsive gambling is ridiculous, why the “for the chillllllllllldreeeeen” bleat is sensless, how poker is a game of skill, not luck, and quite a few other related issues. […]

MADD Dogs and Aliens »

Mothers Against Drunk Driving is suing Mothers Against Illegal Aliens for using “Mothers Against” in their name. Their C&D letter said “MADD cannot be associated with your organization and the use of “Mothers Against” gives a strong implication of a relationship with MADD.” Not really. As the writer of this blog discovered, a quick Google […]

Celebrate the Great American Smokeout »

The Great American Smokeout is November 16th, and we’re making plans to participate. I’ll be getting together with several cigar smoking buddies and we’ll smoke…out. We’ll start with a round of cigars, filling the air with thick tobacco smoke and light conversation. Then we’ll all have a very nice, very unhealthy dinner, followed by even […]

GW and Fires »

The Calafornia fires are being blamed, of course, on GW: Global Warming and the president, who, as we know, is to blame for all the global warming in the world. The underbrush is dry from GW, they say, so it burns hotter and makes it difficult to put out the fires. But wait…why is the […]

Pokémon Make Child Happy. Child make Pokémon Very Happy. »

From the Department of Really Bad Design:

Poker – Showing Your Hand »

When you’ve won the pot without going to the showdown, how often should you show your hand? Approximately never. Poker is a game of incomplete information. The less people know about your playing style the better off you are. Every time you reveal a hand you didn’t have to you’re giving your opponents free information […]

Pediatric Narcs »

When Michael Graham took his daughter to the pediatrician for a routine checkup, he wasn’t expecting that she’d be grilled about his drinking. He didn’t expect the doctor would ask his kid if he and his wife got along well, or if either of them used drugs, or of he made his daughter “feel uncomfortable”, […]