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Getting Smarter With Age »

If a man is not a liberal when he is twenty, he has no heart. If he is still a liberal when he is 40, he has no brain. – Variously Ascribed All of us (at least all of us who read blogs like this one) continually seek to better our understanding of humanity. Anthropologists […]

News Flash: Spitzer is a Democrat »

Media bias is seldom this obvious. Most of the mainstream media (MSM) doesn’t mention that Spitzer is a democrat. NBC, ABC and CBS ran headline stories without once mentioning his party affiliation. The New York Times originally mentioned it in the third paragraph of their article, but then quietly moved it to paragraph 15.  USA […]

Schadenfraude and Client 9 »

I’m am experiencing schadenfraude. Oh sure, we’ve all experienced it from time to time – when the bitchy runway model stumbles in front of an audience, when a moralistic preacher is caught having gay sex, when the smug neighbor totals his shiny new car – but this time it’s the deepest, most satisfying bout of […]

Swearing at Dogs is Now A Crime »

In yet another example of police state extremes/stupidity, a man who swore at a police dog has been charged with animal cruelty. “Police say Rogers yelled an obscene statement in the window as he walked past a patrol vehicle that contained a patrol dog “causing (the dog’s) behavior to become overloaded, tormenting the dog,” the […]

Preparing Your Kids for Real Life »

Playmoble has introduced a new toy that will help kids experience the Big Brother state we’re living in – The Playmoble Security Check Point. Lots of smart ass commentary springs to mind, but I’ve been beaten to the punch by the reviewers at Amazon.

Yeah, That’ll Work »

I’ve avoided adding too many categories to this blog, because the longer the list gets the less useful it becomes. Occasionally this has resulted in having to shoehorn a story into a category it barely fits, but that’s better than having a hundred categories with just one or two items in them. But I keep […]

What Would You Like With Your Coffee? Sugar? Cream? My Kidney? »

A Starbucks employee has volunteered to give one of her customers a kidney. Now that’s customer service!