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Catholics go Cuckoo for Crackers »

Most of us associate religious whack-jobbery with Christian and Muslim fundies. At first glance it may appear that mainstream Christian denominations have grown up a bit, and are not quite as goofy as the fringes. A mass of wacky catholics have stepped up to correct that misconception. Webster Cook, a student at University of Central […]

Hillary will Endorse Obama – For Ten Million Dollars »

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Hillary has told Obama she just won’t have time to campaign for him unless he helps pay off her $10 Million campaign debt. She’ll also need a private jet to get around. Obama wrote her a personal check for the maximum allowed contribution: $2,300. Now she wants him […]

Dr. Horrible »

My first reaction when I saw this clip was “Meh.” Then I saw it was a Joss Whedon Project. Which means I want to catch every moment of it. Note to the Unsmartenized: Joss is the creator of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Firefly/Serenity. Note to those who still don’t know what I’m taking about: […]

Black Hole Screams “Racism!” »

A run of the mill county commissioners meeting in Texas became a perfect example of idiots who are yearning to be offended at every opportunity. Commissioner Keneth Mayfiled, who is white, said “It sounds like Central Collections has become a black hole.” This prompted Wiley Price, who is black, to demand an apology for the […]

A Battle of Wits »

Last week Jessica Simpson was chastised by Pamela Anderson for wearing a shirt that said “Real Women Eat Meat.” Pamela was representing the brain trust PeTA. When two intellects of this caliber have a philosophical disagreement, it should not be battled out in words. It should be battled out physically, with a wrestling match. The […]