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Muslims v. Free Speech »

Muslims are taking time out from murdering their daughters and raping women for reading the bible to attack one of our most cherished principles: Free Speech. In 2006 Mark Steyn published an article pointing out that while civilized people are breeding at less than the replacement rate, fundy Muslims are breeding like hamsters. His conclusion: […]

Astounding Ignorance »

What’s the best thing to do if you think rainbows are caused by polution in the air and water? Why, put a video on YouTube, of course. It’s a Conspiracy, I tell you. A Conspiracy! Found here.

You Will Become Fat Elvis »

When Elvis was alive there were only a few professional Elvis impersonators. A few years after his death there were hundreds, then thousands. The old joke was that if the trend continued, by the turn of the century we would all be Elvis. Old jokes never die. They often become reborn as alarmist “facts” and/or […]

Whatever You Do, Don’t Call The Cops »

Mace Hutchison, 16, evidently fell off a bridge. As he laid there with a broken back, the cops tazed him nineteen times. Nineteen! What are the odds they’ll be punished for thier assualt? Pretty slim. Hell, they might even get an award! Too bad he didn’t have a car, they could have stolen that too. […]

Healthy Kids »

The idea of letting your kids run around the neighborhood and be kids has fallen out of fashion. Parents are expected to helicopter over their larvae every waking minute. They’re expected to have them participate in games where no one keeps score and everyone gets a trophy. Those kids are now coming into the workplace […]