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The Catholic Church Still Loves Pedophiles »

A nine year old Brazilian girl who has been repeatedly raped by her stepfather since she was six was taken to the doctor with stomach pains.  Doctors discovered she was pregnant with twins.  Her mother arranged an abortion, probably knowing that giving birth to twins at her age could be fatal.  The Catholic Church demonstrated […]


Best. Headline. Ever. »

Up until a few minutes ago my favorite headline of all time was the NY Posts “Headless Body In Topless Bar.”  But while catching up on blog posts in The Agitator, one of the comments on this post pointed out the best headline ever. 


The Solution to the Jewish Salt Conspiracy »

I’m finding so many stupid things believers do I was thinking of starting a separate blog – Things Atheists Didn’t Do – to list them.  But the last thing I need is another blog, so I’ve just made it a category on this one. The only difference between Kosher salt and regular salt is the […]