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Figuring out the Tea Party »

Check out the latest Quick Hitts Podcast: Figuring Our The Tea Party. Are they a great thing that will save us from creeping socialism, or a mass of misfits and whack-a-loons?


The Dependency Agenda »

I’ve watched a few CPAC speeches, and they reminded me of townhall.com: It was a combination of brilliant thinkers and mouth-breathing wing-nuts. It was encouraging to see they invited a gay rights group, and even more encouraging when a wing-nut who condemned them for it was booed off the stage. But it would be better […]


Things Atheists Didn’t Do in 2009, Part 2 »

As promised, here’s the second half of the TADD list from 2009.  This are culled from the second half of last years leftover bookmarks.  They document all kinds of things things done by believers, from the horrific to the hilarious. A group of 35 clerics in Saudi Arabia has declared that no woman should ever […]


Homeopathic Smoking »

Last year the nicotine nannies (NNs) took their Second Hand Smoke nonsense a step further and announced that third hand smoke (THS?) was deadly.   The evidence consisted of someone doing a survey, asking people if they believed this nonsense, then presenting that as scientific proof.   “Journalists” ran with the story, declaring that smokers who had […]


Bend Over, Pipe Smokers »

Throughout his campaign LMO promised he wouldn’t raise taxes on anyone making less than $250k/year.  The *first* thing he did in office was raise the tax on roll your own tobacco by an astounding 2,159%.  It’s a pretty safe bet RYO smokers are making a *bit* less than a quarter million bucks a year. (BTW, […]


Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign »

Those of us who are fond of reality make the mistake of using logic and reason to deal with religious nutters in an attempt to show them their conclusions are flawed.  (We use the term “flawed” because it’s impolite to use the more accurate term: “fucking stupid.”)  We can be persuaded by logic and reason, […]