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The Real Pledge »

Occasionally I’ll see a video that’s so perfect any further comentary would only distract from it.


Five Ways to Make Visitors Bolt From Your Site »

Congratulations. Out of a trillion web pages, I’m visiting one of yours. You’ve got an opportunity to show me something, sell me something, enlighten, amuse or entertain me. It’s a shame I left within seconds because you did something stupid. Most of these tricks have been around long enough that they’ve been discussed to death, […]


Another List of Things Atheists Didn’t Do »

Here’s yet more entires in the ongoing, and apparently endless, list of Things Atheists Didn’t Do. Next time someone makes the idiotic claim that atheists are more immoral than the religious, refer to to these handy lists. Everything in them, from the horrific to the hilarious, was inspired by superstition and ridiculous religious beliefs, which don’t encumber atheists. We start with […]


Osama’s Body »

We’re always lectured that it’s wrong to celebrate anyone’s death, even the death of evil people.  I disagree.  The world is far better off without him, and that’s worth celebrating. I predict Muslims all over the world will riot over this.  I also predict Seattle will get a lot of rain this summer and Paris […]