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The world loves David Bowie. It seems like every fourth of fifth Facebook post in my feed is about him. Some folks might be tired of so many blasts of information, but they all make me appreciate him even more. And through all of them, from when he was a teenager campaigning for the freedom […]


Congratulations, Officers »

“You know the score, pal! {If} you’re not cop, you’re little people.” – Bryant, in Blade Runner. Congratulations, Officers. You’ve set a new record. In 2015 you killed 1202 people – slightly more than 100 per month. When I checked the numbers at Killed By Police on December 28, you were at 1196. I was worried […]


E-Cigs and Junk Science »

Anti-smokers have spent decades vilifying smokers over second-hand smoke. They claim that the near-homeopathic levels of chemicals in SHS cause not just lung cancer and heart disease, but SIDS, strokes, ear infections, low birth-weight babies, cervical cancer, behavioral problems in children (including ADHD), miscarriages and difficulty conceiving, breast cancer, brain cancer and stroke, to name […]