Passive Drinking – Nannies Never Sleep

Now that European nannies have succeeded in using bogus claims to outlaw smoking nearly everywhere , They’re moving on to their next target: passive drinking.

Uber Nanny Dr. Peter Anderson claims, “The total tangible cost of alcohol to EU society in 2003 was estimated {pulled out of someone’s ass} to be €125bn (€79bn-€220bn), equivalent to 1.3 per cent GDP, and which is roughly the same value as that found recently for tobacco.” Anderson was a driving force in vilification of Europe’s smokers. His primary tool was lying about the effects of second hand smoke, relying, of course, on ass numbers. “The intangible costs show the value people place on pain, suffering and lost life that occurs due to the criminal, social and health harms caused by alcohol. In 2003 these were estimated {pulled from way up my ass} to be €270bn, with other ways of valuing the same harms producing estimates between €150bn and €760bn.”

Did you really think the nannies would stop at tobacco?


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  1. Prohibition, here we come.

    Where I live, you can drink in a bar, but you can’t smoke. In the parks, you can smoke, but you can’t drink.

    Instead of “drinking bans” they call them “alcohol-free zones”.

    anonymous | Apr 28, 2008 | Reply

  2. I wish I could explain this to people who think the tobacco bans are great. Too bad they won’t get it until something they enjoy is taken away.
    I try to explain to people all the time that the slightest loss of freedoms will eventually equate to a total loss of freedom.
    Isn’t is interesting that almost all these nanny laws start off very benign and always end up being used to outlaw what ever they were trying to nanny in the first place. They must be taking lessons from the Fabians.

    Tom | May 2, 2008 | Reply

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