Every company's greatest assets are its customers, because without customers there is no company.
- Michael LeBoeuf

Businesses Harmed by Smoking Bans

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Anti-smoking organizations insist that bans are somehow good for people in hospitality businesses. This chart shows otherwise. These businesses have lost a significant amount of business as a direct result of smoking bans. Many are closed. Many that are still open have told us they doubt they'll survive much longer.

Sources: 85-90% of the information on this list comes from news articles. Most of them are listed here. The rest comes from owners who have contacted me directly, usually through e-mail. Blank spaces represent data that is unavailable or that doesn't apply.

Business Type Of
Closed? Business
City State/
Oscar's Place Bar/Restaurant   40% 3 Anchorage AK
"I opened my door 13 years ago to give the common man a place to go. Now 3 years after the do gooders passed the smoking ban, my business still hasn't recovered, and I may have to close my doors forever."
Cafe Santa Fe Restaurant Closed 100% 100% Fayetteville AR
Casa Taco Restaurant Closed 100% 100% Fayetteville AR
"Sales dropped off dramatically. We lost our late-night business ... a lot of people come in after the bars close."
Hoffbrau Bar/Restruant Closed 100% 100% Fayetteville AR
Before closing, The Hoffbrau reported a 50% drop in liquor sales due to the ban.
Ozark Brewing Co Brew Pub Closed 100% 100% Fayetteville AR
Crocodile Cafe Restaurant Closed 100% 100% Tempe AZ
Pooch's Easy Street Billiards Pool Hall Closed 100% 100% Tempe AZ
Calico Saloon Tavern   30% 5 Lancaster CA
Daddy's Lounge Tavern   35% 3 Long Beach CA
Doherty's Tavern   66% Tulare CA
Dunkhouse Saloon Tavern   50% Clearlake Oaks CA
Femino's Blue Gum Restaurant Closed 100% 100% Willow CA
Fireside Lounge Tavern   70% Escondido CA
Grand Central Casino Casino   42% 15 Lakewood CA
Since the ban took effect in February, liquor sales are down 42 percent and food sales have dropped 25 percent. Fifteen employees have been laid off and another 40 to 50 jobs are in jeopardy.
Laurel Bowl Bowling Alley Closed 100% 100% San Luis Obispo CA
385 league bowlers quit when the smoking ban went into effect, with a loss of $200,000. Laurel Bowl had been in business for 37 years before the ban.
Marco Polo Lounge Tavern   80% Tulare CA
"On nights where we allow our patrons to smoke, we make about $120 a night. Last Monday we didn't allow our customers to smoke. Our total sales were five dollars."
Rim Ram Tavern   75-90% Santa Fe CA
Before the smoking ban, we would take in about nine-hundred dollars on Wednesday nights. The week following the start of the smoking ban we barely made three-hundred dollars. The next week we only made seventy-five dollars, and we made even less in the weeks following,"
The Lika Club Tavern   60% Bell CA
The Old Dog House Tavern Closed 100% 100% Soulsbyville CA
Bart's Bar/Restaurant Closed 100% 100% Louisville CO
Bart's had been in operation for nearly 30 years.
Red Garter Lounge Tavern   45% Greeley CO
Roasty's Steakhouse Restaraunt   60% Greeley CO
Union Colony Brewery Brew Pub Closed 100% 100% Greeley CO
Bear and Grill Bar/Restaurant   30-40% Fairfield CT
"I used to close down at 1 a.m. Now I close down at 9:30. The next three hours are dead."
Brown Derby Tavern   50% Montville CT
La Primavera Restaurant Closed 100% 100% Meriden CT
When the statewide smoking ban snuffed out cigarettes in his bar area last October, 80 percent of his business went up in smoke. The restaurant was one of the few family restaurants remaining in the city.
Pinstripes Sports Bar Closed 100% 100% Norwich CT
Pinstripes Sports Cafe Sports Bar Closed 100% 100% Norwich CT
Rack N' Roll Pool Hall   30% Stamford CT
Tracie's Pub Tavern   40% Bristol CT
My business has dropped about 30 to 40 percent since the smoking ban. I've spoken with a lot of bar owners in town and they all have the same problem.
Back Stage Cafe Bar/Restaurant Closed 100% 100% 20 Wilmington DE
Coach House Bar/Restaurant Closed 100% 100% 8 Wilmington DE
Just Mugs Saloon Tavern   33% Bear DE
Naamans Cafe Restaurant Closed 100% 100% 8 Wilmington DE
Bogey's Restaurant/Sports Pub   >20% Venice FL
Cherry Pocket Restraunt   30% 30% Lake Wales FL
Small business work so hard for their business, it is hard to believe the Goverment can just take it away without any thought at all.
Collier Lee Vending Vending Machines   40% N/A Cape Coral FL
We have over 60 customer accounts in 4 counties all of which have shown losses of 25% to 60% since the start of the ban.
Double Nichol Pub Tavern   10% 10% 3 St.James City FL
Elks Private Club   50% (Bingo Ft. Pierce FL
"Our Charity money is down 50% or more over this time last year. We are going to be able to spend only about $5,000.00 this year on our Christmas programs vs. $12,000.00 plus last year. The Christmas programs include Salvation Army, Waterfront Mission, Sharing and Caring (food bank) and then we take needy families shopping for food, clothes and a few toys for the kids. We did about 17 families
Elks #1795 (Private Club) Lodge Private Club   40% 22% Fort Walton FL
"Charity money is down 45%. Our Charities are Kids of Florida and the Veterans. That is who is really getting hurt the most by this!"
Elks #2256 (Private Club) Lodge Private Club   20% 30% Pensacola Beach FL
"We've lost 70 members because of the ban"
Elks #2273 (Private Club) Lodge Private Club   60% 60% 1 Plantation FL
Grandma's Kitchen Restaurant Closed 100% 100% 5 Thonotosas FL
Gulf Harbor Yacht Club Private Club   68% New Port Richey FL
Jerseys Sports Cafe Sports Bar   25% 20% 4 North Fort FL
Whatever happened to the individuals freedom to choose where you go and what you do in public?
Melons Bar & Grill Bar/Restaurant Closed 100% 100% 4 Port Charlotte FL
Before closing they experienced a 50% loss in sales and a 60% loss in tips becuase of the smoking ban.
Miller's Ale House (35 Locations)   Jupiter (and FL
After the law took effect July 1, 2003, the Ale House chain experienced the first decline in business in its 15-year history, said Dave Reid, vice president for operations. ...For the first five months of 2004 alcoholic beverages sales were down $2 million compared with January through May of 2003"
The Falls Restaurant Closed 100% 100% Naples FL
"We lost 70 percent of our income," Renzello said. "The law put us out of business." 90 percent of her customers were smokers.
Toucans Bar & Grill   30-40% 50% 3 Tampa FL
Zook's   West Palm Beach FL
"It has almost put me out of business. We are down about 45 percent for each month," Zook said. "Our food sales were 48 percent of our business. Now they are down to 10 percent. A lot of people who had drinks with lunch or dinner are not coming in now. They can't eat here."
Village Inn Sports Bar   37% 6 Skokie IL
Friends and Company Bar/Restaraunt   30% Lexington KY
The restaurant has experienced the lowest revenue in the last 19 months.
Jackpot Bingo   50% Tatets Creek KY
The Tates Creek High School Marching Band stands to lose about $80,000 this year in bingo money.
Lynagh's Pub Bar/Restruant   40% Lexington KY
"Smokers still come, but not as often and they don't stay as long. "
Maxwell's Tavern Closed 100% 100% Lexington KY
Maxwells had been open for 14 years.
Nicholson's Cigar Bar Cigar Bar   100% 100% Lexington KY
Owners of Nicholson's Cigar Bar say it didn't make sense to operate a smoke-less cigar bar
Aloha Tavern Closed 100% 100% Hingham MA
Blarney Stone Tavern   25% Springfield MA
Blue Room Cafe Tavern   25% Chicopee Falls MA
The business has been open since 1936
City Line Cafe Tavern   50% Springfield MA
"People are complaining about it. They're saying 'Why go out for a drink when I can buy a six-pack and sit at home?' It's really hurting us."
Gold Mine Restaraunt Bar/Restaraunt   50% 50% 2 Fall River MA
"There should be places for both the smoker and nonsmoker. I do not smoke but you are killing our business!!! "
J.C. Grear's Restaurant Closed 100% 100% South Weymouth MA
Marlboro Cozy Cafe   60% 2 Marlboro MA
We had 5 employees, now have 3 and that includes me. If this is result of one month of the ban after 35yrs in business I may have to close my doors.
Anchor Inn restaurant Closed 100% 100% Gaithersburg MD
Since the ban was implemented October 2003 Anchor Inn suffered a 40 percent loss in Keno, beer, wine, liquor and food sales.
Buffalo Billiards Pool Hall   50% Gaithersburg MD
Buffalo Wings and Beer Bar/Restaurant   50% Gaithersburg MD
Corner Pub Tavern   40% Silver Spring MD
Dietle's Tavern Tavern Closed 100% Silver Spring MD
Gentleman Jim's Restaurant   40% Gaithersburg MD
Grand Marquis Caf‚   30% Olney MD
J.J. Muldoon's Bar/Restaurant   20% Gaithersburg MD
Mark Timmons Tavern   20% Rockville MD
Middlebrook Restaurant and Lounge Bar/Restaurant   50% Germantown MD
"I'm so bitter today because I have worked too hard to keep this business going. It's just not fair."
Mrs. O'Leary's Restaurant and Pub   50% Gaithersburg MD
Normandie Farm's Bar/Restruant   50% 2 Tysons Corner MD
Pelican Pete's Restaurant   60% Germantown MD
Potomac Valley Lodge Lodge   17% 75% 4 Poolesville MD
"I think in the future we'll have to close in the winter. We'll lay everyone off, let them collect unemployment for a few months and bring them back. They'd make more on unemployment."
Quarry House Tavern   70% Silver Spring MD
New customers who come to the bar because it's smoke-free don't bring in the revenue that smokers did, she said. "They have one beer, a glass of water and something to eat," she said, whereas smokers tend to stay longer and eat and drink more alcohol.
Silver Fountain Restaurant Restaurant   33% Rockville MD
Stained Glass Pub Tavern   30% Olney MD
Uncle Jed's Roadhouse Tavern   50% 70% 2 Bethesda MD
...Smaller establishments have seen total sales decline by an average of 30 percent during the week and 50 percent on weekends, according to Melvin Thompson, vice president of the Restaurant Association of Maryland
Black Duck Lounge Tavern   70% Houlton ME
"I've never seen it like this before. It's like all the customers just disappeared."
Nutshell Tavern Tavern Closed 100% 100% Biddeford ME
Village Variety Closed 100% Fryeburg ME
Grandma's Restaraunt   33% Cloquet MN
Perkins Restaraunt   26% Duluth MN
Aessa Bar/Restaurant   35% 6 New York NY
Airport Inn Tavern   40% Binghamton NY
Evans says business has dropped at least 40-percent in the last year. Her liquor license expires next April, and she says, she doesn't plan on renewing it. The Airport Inn was a successful business for 18 years.
American Legion Private Club   60% 50% Elmira Heights NY
American Legion Post 1041 Bingo Hall   68% Buffalo NY
Amherst Bowling Center Bowling Alley Closed 100% Buffalo NY
Argyle's EasyStreet Tavern Tavern   12% Cortland NY
Athens Cafe Restaurant   55% 10 Astoria NY
B&G Bar and Grill Bar/Restaurant   30% Buffalo NY
Barker Brew Pub Bre Pub Closed 100% 100% Fredonia NY
Closed after 10 yrs. in business
Barrie's Tavern Tavern   40% Syracuse NY
Bec's Ivy Grill Bar & Grill   23% 3 Oneida NY
Blarney Stone Bar/Restaurant   15% 1 New York NY
Blessed Sacrament Church Bingo Hall   50% Albany NY
Blinkey's Tavern Closed 100% 100% Delhi NY
Blondie's Tavern Tavern   25% Elmira Heights NY
Bowl-O-Drome Bowling Alley   14% 2 Ithica NY
TThe business lost almost $30,000 and 110 bowlers during the 32-week league season... In the bowling alley's busiest months between January and May, Parkin saw a 14 percent decrease in activity comparing the same period in 2004 to 2003.
Brazen Head Pub Tavern   40% Monroe NY
Brown Shanty Tavern   20% 1 Watertown NY
Buoy's Dockside Tavern Tavern   36.5% Oswego NY
Cabaret Tavern   40% 1 Buffalo NY
Caffe on the Green Bar/Restaraunt   35% New York NY
Bar business fell about 35 percent immediately after the ban. It has picked up since he added a "butt hut," an outdoor tent where patrons may smoke, but it's still less than before the ban.
Canandaigua Billiards Pool Hall   40% Canandaigua NY
Caseys Pub Tavern   35% 1 Sunnyside NY
Castle Heights Tavern Closed 100% 100% New York NY
Celtic Cultural Organization Bingo Hall   30-35% Troy NY
"From July 25 through Nov. 1, we are down about $12,000 from the same period last year."
Central Hotel Bar/Restaurant   50% Port Leyden NY
Champions Billiards Cafe Brew Pub/Pool Hall   33% Parkville NY
Chances Tavern Closed 100% 100% Falconer NY
Chili American Legion Post 1830 Private Club   70% Scottsville NY
Christanis Bar and Grill Tavern   40% Rochester NY
Clifford's Tavern Bar/Restaurant   40% Cold Brook NY
Coin Operated Amusements Vending Machines   20-50% Jamestown NY
Revenue from vending machines and games cut in half in many places.
Coldspring Volunteer Fire Dept. Tavern   50% 75% 1 Steamburg NY
The fire department owns the bar. Money from the bar buys equipment for the fire department. The income has been cut in half. This money buys new ambulances, trucks, gear ect. Remember, this all volunteer. Without the bar money we are going to have to rely on the town for revenue. You may lose your house or even someone's life without the money for the equipment.
Coleman's Irish Pub Bar/Restaurant   19% 4 Syracuse NY
Cook Bar & Grill Bar/Restaurant   40% 2 Buffalo NY
Cork and Bottle Tavern Closed 100% 100% Potville NY
Located near the PA border, this was literally a Mom and Pop business, run by a couple with no employees to "protect."
Crossroads Steak House Restaurant Closed 100% 100% Kennedy NY
D&S Diner Restaurant Closed 100% 100% Savannah NY
Sales were down $3,000 in July 2002 compared to July 2001. Hardest hit were on Friday nights and Sunday mornings.
Dadio's Central Tavern   30% Corfu NY
Damon's Party House Tavern   40% Cicero NY
Delmar Sportsman's Tavern Tavern   30% 1 Massena NY
"We had hoped...nonsmokers who haven't been frequenting taverns due to the smoke-filled air would make up for at least some of the financial loss. Unfortunately, at least in our place, this has most definitely not happened. Our sales are at an all time low"
Desperado's Tavern   90% Wallkill NY
"I can count on my fingers the people who don't smoke who come in here. The regulars say they won't come."
Doc's little Gem Diner   27% Syracuse NY
"We fought tooth and nail and won a local County victory, only for the state to turn it over to a complete ban."
Dodesters Tavern   20% Syracuse NY
"My business is down 20% from the same period last year, even though I'm now open three more hours a day and I didn't have a kitchen then."
Eagle Beverage Company Distributor   25% N/A Oswego NY
"Deliveries to pubs and taverns have decreased substantially, greater than 25 percent."
Edigan's Restaurant Closed 100% 100% Binghamton NY
Elbo Room Tavern Closed 100% 100% New York NY
Elks Lodge (Private Club) Private Club Closed 100% Jamestown NY
Bingo, which funded their charitable work, is now completely shut down.
End Zone Bar/Restaurant   30% 1 Liverpool NY
Euzkadi Restaurant   50% New York NY
Fiddler's Green Tavern Closed 100% 100% New York NY
We have just lost too many customers to this law, which I did not vote for, bar owners did not vote for, bartenders did not vote for, and the public did not vote for."
Fieldstone Recreation Billiard/Bar/Snacks   40% 1 Bronx NY
Finish Line Bar/Restaurant   40% 2 Bellerose NY
Five Corners Bar/Restaurant   32 oneida NY
After 20 years of hard work this is what NY state does to us. Where are all these nonsmokers?
Fountain Bowl Bowling Alley   40% N/A 8 Jamestown NY
Freddies Bar/Restaurant   50% 3 Buffalo NY
Friar Tuck's Restaurant   50% Cotati NY
"Just as my establishment was beginning to flourish, I'm hit with this smoking ban which has killed my daytime business. People who used to stay for a couple of hours now only stay for one quick drink and leave."
Fulton Ale House Tavern   25% Fulton NY
George & Shirl's Tiny Tavern Tavern   41% Southport NY
In October 2002, the bar made $6,000. This past October, after the ban went into effect, they made just $3,500,
Golden Rail Ale House Tavern   25% Newburgh NY
Hancock's Hudson Tavern Bar/Restaurant   15% Rochester NY
Harry's Hanover Square Bar/Restaraunt Closed 100% 100 New York NY
"Overnight, we lost 60 percent of our evening bar trade. For the bar, it was the difference in profit and loss. Sales of expensive cigars had been almost as important as the sales of Scotch" Harry's had been in business for more than thirty years
Harter's Bar/Restaurant   40% Camden NY
Holmes & Watson's Tavern   30% Troy NY
Hotel McDonald Hotel   70% Bath NY
Ireland's 32 Tavern   50% Suffern NY
Jean's Bar & Grill Tavern   26% Wilson NY
Just One More Tavern   30% Bath NY
KayCey's Tavern   45% Hyde Park NY
Kim's Trackside Tavern Tavern   25% 25% Auburn NY
Our local cayuga county health dept. continues to refuse to issue smoking waivers to businesses who have suffered a financial hardship.
Knights of Columbus Bingo Hall   80% Malone NY
La Bataclana Tavern Closed 100% 100% Jackson Heights NY
Lakeview Hotel/Blues Rock Cafe Tavern   50% 50% mayville NY
On the first day of the ban, my tips and number of customers dropped 50%, and never came back up.
Le Bar Bat Tavern Closed 100% 100% New York NY
Liberty Lanes Bowling   27% Camden NY
Madame X Tavern   50% New York NY
Mama Lena's Restaurant Closed 100% 100% Binghamton NY
Mama Lena's had been in business for more than 40 years.
Manhattan Beer Distributors Vendor   19% New York NY
Stagnant sales have led to a 7% drop in beer demand citywide, and a 19% drop citywide to clubs.
Maple Tree Inn Tavern Closed 100% 100% 3 Portville NY
Mel's Place Tavern   78% 100% Falconer NY
After proving they had lost significant business, Mel's place was granted of the NY's few wavers. Their business immediately returned to the pre ban level, but the owners are worried about what will happen when the waver runs out in a year.
Metropolitan Restaurant Bar/Restaurant   25% 2 Cheektowaga NY
Middleport Inn Bar/Restaurant Closed 100% 100% 13 Middleport NY
"This damn state really knows how to kill people's dreams."
Millennium Restaurant   40% 3 New York NY
Mills Race Restaurant Bar/Restaurant   40% 2.5 Mt. Morrison NY
Nibsy's Pub Bar/Restaurant   18% Syracuse NY
Nocturne Nightclub Closed 100% 100% 70 New York NY
O'Neill's Tavern   20% 3 New York NY
"People who don't go to pubs just don't go to pubs. They said the ban would be good for business and for employees, yet my business is down and three good staff are out of work and unable to find another job...Most of my staff are smokers, and now they're being protected from second-hand smoke."
Olympian Sumont Inc Pool Hall/Bar/Rest   40% 3 Long Island NY
Open Net Lounge Tavern   11% Massena NY
O's Place Tavern Closed 100% 100% Endicott NY
Pangaea Tavern Closed 100% 100% New York NY
Panorama Sports Bar/Night Club   50% 50% 4 Rochester NY
We are a small night club that was doing very well until the smoking ban hit us and it hit us very hard. We are very scared of our future, if any .
Partner's Pub Bar/Restaurant   20% 1 Johnstown NY
Patsy's Lounge Tavern   46.4% 50% 2 Jamestown NY
"I have let 2 employees go and the other 3 have had their hours cut in half."
Peter K's Bar/Restaurant   35% 2 Cheektowaga NY
Pocketeer Billiards Pool Hall   60-70% Buffalo NY
"The President says small business is the backbone of our country, NYS says screw small business just give us your money and your blood! All of it!!!!!!
Pocketeer Billiards South Pool Hall Closed 100% Springville NY
From the Owner: "Pocketeer Billiards South is now officially closed due to the Hitler like laws the NYS. Politicians have enacted! NY continues in its efforts to drive business out to other states. I like many others have now chosen to leave after living here 58 years."
Rafferty's Bar/Restaurant   35% 2 Syracuse NY
Richard's Ole Timer Bar/Restaurant   17% 1 Clay NY
Riverside Lanes Bowling   20% 2 Marcy NY
Roesch's Tavern Closed 100% 100% New York NY
Lauterborn, 60, said his bar, Roesch's in Queens, saw 40 customers nightly before the ban but only about five after it. He closed in September and says his children are supporting him while he looks for work. His tavern had been a 100 year old family owned business.
Rough Kutts Tavern Tavern   21% 1 South Dayton, NY
Roy D Graves VFW Post 1194 Tavern   22% Potsdam NY
Salingers Tavern   35% 2 Rochester NY
Sammy G's Bar/Restaurant   50% Rome NY
Seven's Bar Tavern   30% Malone NY
Shamrock Tavern Tavern   50% Oswego NY
"It's not right. Our livelihood is being taken away."
Sharkey's Sports Bar and Grill Sports Bar   60% Staten Island NY
Shorty's Sports Bar & Grill Bar/Restaurant   30% Utica, NY
Silo's Bar & Grill   35% Chestnut Ridge NY
Slade Restaurant   40% New York NY
Slick Willie's Pool Hall   25% Tonawanda NY
Southgate Lanes Bowling Alley/Bar   55% 7 West Seneca NY
Stumble Inn Tavern Closed 100% 100% Champlain NY
Sugoba Bistro Bistro Closed 100% 100% 28 New York NY
After 8 years of success in NYC, the NY smoking ban killed my Bistro in less than a year! In less than 3 month my business declined 37%. Within six months I was unable to meet payroll and I had to lay off 28 employees.
Susie's Corner Bar/Restaurant   23% 1 Buffalo NY
Swan's Tavern Closed 100% 100% 7 New York NY
"I felt bad laying off seven workers. Most of them had been with me for the five years Swan's was open. None of them had ever complained about secondhand smoke. "
Swift's Tavern   40% New York NY
"It's absolutely killed us. This time last year the bar would be packed with the after-work cocktail crowd. Now they just take a bottle of wine or a six-pack to each other's apartments, where they can smoke."
Syracuse Brigadiers Bingo Hall   61% Syracuse NY
"The hall was losing about $60,000 per month in net income for the past three months because of the smoking ban."
Taylor's Trackside Bar/Restaurant   50% Remsen NY
Temple Israel Bingo Hall   50% Albany NY
According to Herb Holland, some of the regulars told volunteers that they would abstain from playing bingo, to protest the smoking ban. He hasn't seen them since.
The Alps Restruant Closed 100% 100% Wheatfield NY
The Cam-Nel Tavern Closed 100% 100% Mattydale NY
The Cam-Nel had been in operation since 1952
The Dog House Bar/Restaurant   28% Utica NY
The Lodge at the Lake Inc Bar/Restaurant   50% 1 Broadalbin NY
The Loft Tavern   30% Frewsburg NY
"Our town has no attractions to draw in outsiders. We have only locals to rely on as patrons and 95% of them smoke. It will be worse when the snow sets in."
The Loop Lounge Bar and restaurant   30% Rochester NY
I own a small local tavern and I have a 90% smoking cliental. Let me say it just sucks.
The Meeting Place Restruant/Tavern Closed 100% 100% Wheatfield NY
The Press Box Tavern Closed 100% 100% Niagara Falls NY
The Press Box had been open for 45 years.
The Roadhouse Tavern   40% Brewster NY
The Royal Pheasant Restaurant Closed 100% 100% 20 Buffalo NY
The smoking ban caused an instant 80 percent decrease in revenue. The Royal Phesant had been a family business for 58 years.
The Web Tavern Closed 100% 100% Ogdensburg NY
Owners Janet and Anthony Doerr say the smoking ban destroyed their business.
The Wonderbar Tavern   50% Goshen NY
Thompson Road Tavern Bar/Restaurant   25% Syracuse NY
Tommys Park Place Tavern   40% Syracuse NY
Unique Lounge Bar/Restaurant   40% 4 Sloan NY
Varick Restaurant Inc Bar/Restaurant   35% Utica NY
VFW Post 6533 Private Club   20% 25% East Randolph NY
Village Tavern Bar/Restaurant   10% Marcellus NY
Village Tavern   50% Wellsburg NY
Viva Debris Comedy & Magic Club   30 30% Syracuse NY
Voelker Bowling Center Bowling Alley   30-40% Buffalo NY
The smoking ban hit us like an anvil, curtailing bowling activity by 30 to 40 percent and the bar business by 20 to 30 percent.
Walmore Inn Restruant/Tavern Closed 100% 100% Sanborn NY
Whiskey Ward Tavern   20% 2 New York NY
Whispers Cocktail Lounge Bar/Night Club   50% 90% Middletown NY
Windsor Ale House Tavern Closed 100% 100% Jamestown NY
Woody's Pub Bar/Restaurant   25% 3 Lockawanna, NY
Ye Olde Anchor Inn Bar/Restaurant   18% 22% Lakewood NY
Adam's Place Tavern Closed 100% 100% Toledo OH
Bait Shop Bar & Grill Closed 100% 100% Toledo OH
Blue Jeans Tavern Closed 100% 100% Toledo OH
Consaul Tavern Tavern Closed 100% 100% Toledo OH
Consaul Tavern had been in business over 53 years.
East Broadway Nightclub Nightclub   50% Toledo OH
"From the get-go I've lost business. I've lost 50 percent -- everybody's losing money."
East Broadway Nite Club Night Club Closed 100% 100% Toledo OH
Elbo Room Pizza Parlor/Tavern   25% 2 Toledo OH
End Zone Electronics Tavern Closed 100% 100% Toledo OH
Fat Tuesdays Tavern Closed 100% 100% Toledo OH
Jordan's Place Tavern Closed 100% 100% Toledo OH
Kacy's Sports Bar   50% Worthington OH
"Kacy's Sports Bar and Grill has room for 300 customers, but now, it's virtually empty."
Laskey Lounge Tavern Closed 100% 100% Toledo OH
Prime Time South Night Club Closed 100% 100% Toledo OH
Rack Time Billiards Pool Hall Closed 100% 100% Toledo OH
Ragtime Ricks Tavern Closed 100% 100% Toledo OH
Rooster Inn Brew Pub Closed 100% 100% Toledo OH
Shamrocks Tavern Closed 100% 100% Toledo OH
The "In" Zone Tavern Closed 100% 100% Toledo OH
Bliss' Steak Ranch Restaurant Closed 100% 100% Eugene OR
Closed after 32 years in business
Doc's Pad Tavern Closed 100% 100% 24 Eugene OR
"Let's face it, the economy is horrible. But for us specifically, the smoking ban was the knockout punch." The Olsen family had owned Doc's for 16 years.
Max's Tavern Tavern Closed 100% 100% Eugene OR
The Peacock Bar/Restaraunt   40% Corvallis OR
Connor owned the Peacock for years - and says it was the ban that caused him to sell the bar. He says business gross fell from $1.5 million in 1997, the year before the ban went into effect, to $900,000 last year.
The Peacock (New Owner) Bar/Restaraunt   50% 36 Corvallis OR
China One Restaurant Closed 100% 100% Round Rock TX
Good Time Charlie's Restaurant   30% San Antonio TX
Matt's No Place Restaurant Closed 100% 100% Dallas TX
Business simply dried up, restaurateur Matt Martinez said, after the City Council enacted a smoking ban in restaurants and other public places. "I just got fed up," said Martinez, "You work to get a clientele and build your business, and then the city comes and takes it from you."
Alexander Mackenzie Inn Hotel   92% 16 Fort St. John CANADA
"Since we were `beaten' into compliance by the WCB, our business has dropped in the lounge from $1,000 a day to $80. "
Bacchus Nightclub Closed 100% 100% Vancover CANADA
In its first two years, it regularly would close to its 275-person indoors capacity, Sorochan {the owner} says. As business dwindled, you'd be lucky to find 60 patrons on hand.
Beacon Hill Arms Tavern Closed 100% 100% Ottawa CANADA
Dave O'Connor, who successfully ran Ottawa's Beacon Hill Arms pub for nine years, said the ban forced him out of business. "From September to February, we lost close to $80,000 in sales"
Bovine Sex Club Tavern   50% Toronto CANADA
Branigan's Tavern Closed 100% 100% 50 Polo Park CANADA
Bud's Place Tavern   23% 5 Cambridge CANADA
Cellarman's Alehouse Tavern   35% Midland CANADA
Friday nights used to generate $2,400-$3,100 before the smoking ban. Since the ban those numbers dropped to $900-$1,400.
Cobalt Tavern   50% Tornoto CANADA
"You build this business, and you're proud of it, and all of a sudden the city makes this blind decision...places like us get totally screwed."
Coffee Time Coffee Shop   50% 100% Barrie CANADA
Coffee Time Coffee Shop Closed 100% 100% Markham CANADA
Eightball VIP Sports Cafe Sports Bar   40% 2 Chatham CANADA
Elements Nightclub Closed 100% 100% Toronto CANADA
Elsewhere Tavern   50% Toronto CANADA
We cut staff early to save cost and boredom. The City of Toronto promised us a deluge of non-smokers who would be deliriously happy to visit us because we're non-smoking. Where are they?
Gardeli's Bar/Restaurant Closed 100% 100% Castlegar CANADA
Hemingway's Bar/Restaraunt   40% 6 Ottawa CANADA
Inuvik Curling Club Private Club   66% Inuvik CANADA
The president of Inuvik's Curling Club predicts it will lose $40,000 by the end of the year, and says the town's smoking by-law is to blame.
Larry's Pit Stop Tavern   49% 1 Kingston CANADA
MacKenzie Lounge Tavern   80% Yellowknife CANADA
Mingles Coffee Shoppe Coffee Shop Closed 100% 100% Kitchener CANADA
Before Closing, Mingles saw a 45% drop in sales.
Mr. B's Restaurant Closed 41% Tilsbury CANADA
nastys Sports Bar   37% Dunnville CANADA
Red Dog Cafe Restaurant Closed 100% 100% Acton CANADA
Rupert Pub Tavern Closed 100% 100% Prince Rupert CANADA
Sam's Hotel Tavern   60-70 Wallaceburg CANADA
"(Business is down) probably 60-70 per cent (at night) and 90 per cent in the daytime."
Sky Garden Restaurant Closed 100% 100% 6 Ottawa CANADA
"It was 100% because of the bylaw. Sales dropped 50%. Our cups of coffee were down 400 to 500 a day, our meals 20 to 30 a day."
The Coffee Bar Coffee Shop   50% Whitehourse CANADA
The Patch Tavern   70% St. Albert CANADA
The Spotted Dick Taverm   60% Toronto CANADA
Tubbys Pizza Pizza Parlor   20% 2 Crescentwood CANADA
Bewley's Oriental Cafe Tea and Coffee Shop Closed 100% 100% Dublin IRELAND
The shop, located on Westmoreland St, had been in business since 1986
Bewley's Oriental Cafe Tea and Coffee Shop Closed 100% 100% Dublin IRELAND
The Grafton Street Shop had been open since 1927.
Fibber Magees Closed 100% 100% Eyre Square IRELAND
``We're damned if we do and damned if we don't,'' Lawless said {Defying the law}. ``We're either going to go out of business or be put out of business.'' Before closing the bar suffered loses of 66%
MacTurcails   20% Dublin IRELAND

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