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Nicotine Nannies claim smoking bans are good for business. But if that were the case, could this list exist, and could it be so huge? (Please note, this is only a small sample of articles available on the subject.)

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Archive for July, 2005

Tavern League Plans Protest Against Smoking Ban

Friday, July 29th, 2005

One month into Madison’s smoking ban, Tavern League members say their bottom line has hit rock bottom.

The general manager at the Buckeye Inn says revenues are 40 percent lower than this time last summer. She adds things could get worse this fall.

And the general manager at the “Sports Pub” says — even with volleyball games nearly every night — his revenues have dropped 35 percent. “We wrote a letter to Dave about our problems — we got back a form letter. We had a customer write a letter to Dave, he got back the same exact letter — just a different address and name. We want him to come and see the damage that’s goin’ on,” says Michael Caspersen.

Meanwhile, one Madison alder says he no longer supports the ban in its current form. “Sun Prairie, Blooming Grove, you know, Cottage Grove — right now we can rename the township of Blooming Grove and call it the township of ‘Booming Grove,’ because that’s where our customers have gone,” says 17th District Alder Santiago Rosas.

Source: nbc15.com. Link

Smoking ban has Appleton fuming

Friday, July 29th, 2005

At Jokers Bar, the staff of eight has been laid off. Owner Tony Schaefer said he’s now working the bar with his brother.

“We’ll be closing up if business doesn’t improve,” Schaefer said. “The sad thing is we don’t even know if anyone would buy it.”

Nearly three-quarters of the 64 businesses that responded to a request from the Appleton Post-Crescent reported sluggish sales in the past month, most from 10 to 40 percent lower compared with last July. Some reported sales off as much as 70 percent.
For now, sales are down 35 percent at Shark’s Club Billiards Bar and Grill, owner Mitchell Roepke said.

“We’re a blue-collar, working-class establishment and they’re the smokers. … I’m losing $11,000 in sales in July,” Roepke said.

Source: Madison.com. Link Expired.

Appleton’s Smoking Ban One Month Later

Friday, July 29th, 2005

Emmett’s Bar and Grill in Appleton is seeing some lean times. “Quiet. It’s been very quiet,” owner Sharon Reader says.

Some business owners say revenue is down 35 to 65 percent compared to a year ago. One bar owner tells us looking at the last two weeks she’s down $7,000 from the same period last year.

Reader says the difference at her business is 40 percent. She says one Appleton city council member suggested the recent hot weather might be the reason business is down.
“Because I keep track of the weather for the last nine years, I can say, I’m sorry, but three years ago it was 98 degrees and muggy, and I’m doing twice in sales what I’m doing this year,” Reader responds.

Since July 1st, lunch time at Emmett’s has been slow. So slow that the owner is thinking of cutting lunch entirely. That means that the day staff wouldn’t have a job.

“I just informed my employees yesterday that they will probably be laid off in two weeks,” Reader said Thursday, “and this’ll be the first time that Emmett’s has closed for lunch in 15 years.”

The problem isn’t just lunch, it’s the fact that business is down across the board.
“My nighttime business has supported my daytime business enough for me to keep these people employed and keep my head on the pillow at night. That’s no longer the case,” Reader said.

“The people in Grand Chute and Harrison and Kimberly, they’re happier than a hog in mud because they’re getting all our customers. That affects our tax base,” Richard Thompson, who represents Appleton’s eighth district, said.

Source: wbay.com. Link

Smoking ban cuts Q1 profits by third, gaming corp. says

Friday, July 22nd, 2005

Profits at government-owned casinos in Regina and Saskatchewan dropped by almost a third in the first quarter of the 2005-06 fiscal year that began Apri 1 – and the smoking ban is the cause, the Saskatchewan Gaming Corp. says.

Source: cbc.ca. Link Expired.

Hennepin rethinks smoking ban

Friday, July 22nd, 2005

“I’m worried about making my house payment,” said Cheryl Irving, a bar manager at Rostamo’s, a bar in Crystal. “My personal income is down 40, 50 percent. I now have to work six shifts, where I used to work four.”

John Alexander, who owns Johnny A’s, a sports bar in Minneapolis, agreed. “I can’t pay my taxes,” said Alexander, who said he has dismissed his private security staff at the bar. “My business has gone down by 35 percent.”

“It’s a slow death,” he added.

Bill Nicklow, whose family owns five restaurants in Hennepin County, watched Tuesday’s meeting and then shook his head. “I was under the impression the world was created to support the people, and not punish them,” he said. “We’re losing our customers. We’re losing our help.”

Source: Startribune.com. Link Expired.

Smoking Ban

Friday, July 22nd, 2005

As a NYC bar owner, I can tell you with absolute honestly that the smoking ban has caused more than a 30% loss in business. The after work customers either don’t stop by or just have one or more, and this continues throughout the evening. The NY Night Life Association and the Empire State Restaurant and Tavern Association and other groups will tell you the same.

Source: Jersey City Reporter. Link

Smoking ban cripples Rotorua hotel

Wednesday, July 20th, 2005

Most businesses affected by the smoking ban are happy with the result, according to government sources, but at least one establishment has been hit by an $80,000 loss in trade as pub patrons went up in smoke.

Rotorua’s historic Lake House Hotel was purchased by Ian Frith and Teresa Scally more than five years ago and the couple turned the institution into a thriving little business, according to a WIN party release.

The couple undertook a plan of restoration and turned the hotel into a popular backpacker destination, but bar regulars disappeared with the advent of the smoking ban, WIN said, dropping profits for the first six months of the ban by $80 000 in contrast to the corresponding period the year before.

“The politicians who pushed for the ban assured us all that we’d see a lot more non-smokers once the ban was in place and bars were smoke-free. This might have happened for other bars, but certainly not here at the Lake House.

Earlier this month, party founder and former publican John van Buren said the anti-smoking rule had forced his Wheatsheaf Tavern into liquidation in April.

Source: National Business Review.  Link

Smoking ban may be death of pub

Tuesday, July 19th, 2005

The smoking ban in bars has forced Mark and Raewyn Payne to consider closing Dannevirke’s iconic Masonic Hotel.

During the last six months, profits have been $115,000 down on last year and the couple have had to let their two full-time staff go, putting a bed in a room behind the bar so they can take turns out front.

They took over the business two years ago but are now thinking seriously about closing.

“No matter which option we take, it’s inevitable the Masonic will have to close,” she said.

Source: Hawke’s Bay Today. Link

Smoking ban sending Dannevirke Hotel broke

Monday, July 18th, 2005

Dannevirke’s Masonic Hotel is a victim of the smoking ban introduced into bars on 10 December 2004. In the six months following the introduction of the ban, profits have plunged $115k in comparison to the corresponding six-month period from 10 December 2003.

The Masonic Hotel unfortunately, has not been a beneficiary of the flood of non-smokers the present government and anti-smoking factions assured the hotel industry, would flock to bars, once the smoking ban came into force.

The smoking ban has devastated the lives of Mark and Raewyn Payne, owners of the Masonic, a business they took over two years ago. In the period prior to the ban, they had a thriving business, with two full-time and three part-time employees.

Six months into the ban and they are approaching the point where it will no longer be financially viable to keep the Masonic Hotel doors open. Mark and Raewyn, with insufficient turnover to afford to pay wages, had no option but to let their staff go.

“Dannevirke pub goers have been fantastic towards us through this six months of no smoking and we have had zero trouble”, says Raewyn, “as we rarely see many of them anymore”.

“We will lose our business simply to satisfy the whims of a handful of politicians and ‘anti-everything’ people”, says Mark.

“I challenge Becky Freeman of ASH and Leigh Sturgiss of the Coalition to visit the Masonic Hotel in Dannevirke”, says Clarke, “and to tell Mark and Raewyn Payne that the ban has not hurt their business”.

Source: Scoop Politics. Link


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