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Nicotine Nannies claim smoking bans are good for business. But if that were the case, could this list exist, and could it be so huge? (Please note, this is only a small sample of articles available on the subject.)

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Archive for August, 2006

Smoking Ban Hurting Small Taverns?

Saturday, August 26th, 2006

Lawyers for Colorado bar owners say the eight-week-old statewide smoking ban has devastated some smaller taverns, slashing their incomes by up to 80 percent.

In a court filing Friday, the lawyers also said the ban has triggered layoffs and caused fights among patrons who go outside to smoke.

The state also argues the Legislature had valid reasons for exempting casinos, including the 100 million dollars they generate for the state every year.

Source: kktv.com. Link

Bingo and pub firms hit by Scots ban on smoking

Saturday, August 26th, 2006

TWO leisure groups revealed yesterday that trading had been hit in Scotland since the implementation of the smoking ban last spring – with one confirming resulting job cuts.
Rank said it was cutting 200 jobs at its Mecca Bingo clubs across the UK and closing its London head office with the loss of 40 jobs as it reported a 3 per cent fall in underlying first-half profit.

Source: The Scotsman. Link expired.

Bingo profits plummet following city smoking ban

Thursday, August 24th, 2006

Edmonton-area charities are feeling the squeeze after their bingo profits plummet by $6.8 million in the year following the city smoking ban.

Edmonton-area charities are feeling the squeeze after their bingo profits plummet by $6.8 million in the year following the city smoking ban.

“To have the bingos kind of crash and burn has been a real deterrent to our programs because it’s pretty hard to replace that funding,” said Lorraine Jex, president of the city’s northeast zone sports council.

During the first full year of the puffing ban – which kicked in July 1, 2005 – the nearly 600 charities that run bingos in the Edmonton area made $6.1 million, down from $12.9 million a year earlier, according to provincial figures obtained by the Sun. That represents a whopping 53% drop.

During the past year, bingo profits in the rest of Alberta – where smoking is generally still permitted – dropped only 1%.

Jex said her organization went from making $2,500 a night to pocketing as little as $200. The money is used to maintain sports facilities like baseball diamonds and to pay registration fees for kids whose families can’t afford to. The sports council runs bingos on behalf of minor hockey, baseball and softball teams in northeast Edmonton.
Jex said so far no kids have been turned away, but her group has been forced to go to local businesses with hat in hand.

“All of that money we don’t have just means it’s that much more difficult to fund some of these kids,” Jex said.

Terry Aikens, manager of the Kensington Bingo Centre, said that, prior to the smoking ban, a charitable group could make $4,000 an evening. “Now if they can make $1,000 they’re doing good,” she said, adding attendance has also dropped by about 50% at her hall — from 400 to 200 people a night.

She said it’s getting more difficult to convince the 73 charitable organizations that use the bingo hall to continue to do so.

“They’re not making enough money to make it worth their while.”

Overall, attendance at evening bingo dropped an average of 29% in Edmonton over the past year, according to Alberta Satellite Bingo, which broadcasts games live into halls across the province.

Coun. Mike Nickel said the numbers prove the smoking ban is having economic consequences.

“Some people were saying this wasn’t going to affect anyone’s business,” he said. “Well, that’s not the case.

“People who are paying for this in the end, taking the health issue aside, have been the charities.”

But Shane Bergdahl, president of the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues, said bingos had been losing their popularity, even before the indoor puffing ban.
“Revenue had been dropping off for years,” he said.

Coun. Michael Phair said this indicates it’s time for the province to consider new ways to fund charitable groups.

(Ah, the compassion of the nicotine nannies. Isn’t it inspiring?

Source: Edmonton Sun. Link

Bid could be launched to overturn smoke ban

Saturday, August 5th, 2006

Some licensees say fears about the smoking ban have materialized.
Guernsey Weekly Press – Vale,Guernsey,UK

They say that trade has been decimated during its first month.

Many smokers furious at the ban have already boycotted pubs and vowed not to return. Mariners’ Inn licensee Tina Power said that, contrary to what Health minister Peter Roffey and other deputies predicted, non-smokers have not frequented more.

‘Our July takings are the equivalent of a wet, cold and miserable January month. Is this what we should be experiencing in July?’ she said.

I think perhaps a review of this should be taken into account because is that not why 200 pubs have closed down in Ireland?

I think it has affected everybody and I have seen less people since the smoking ban came in. The pubs are empty and, when the bad weather comes, you won’t see them either because they will sit at home and smoke.’

One doorman said he had been working the pubs for 28 years and he had never seen trade so bad.

Source: Guernsey Weekly Press. Link Expired.

Smoking Ban Reduces Gamblers In New Zealand

Saturday, August 5th, 2006

Wellington, New Zealand (AHN) – A smoking ban in gambling clubs in New Zealand has reduced the number of gamblers as the country’s poker machine revenue fell 28%.

Brian Smith, president of Clubs New Zealand, said that this ban would reduce about $60 million a year from pub charities to various sports and other community groups.


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