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Nicotine Nannies claim smoking bans are good for business. But if that were the case, could this list exist, and could it be so huge? (Please note, this is only a small sample of articles available on the subject.)

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Archive for January, 2008

Fears surround EU plans to ban patio heaters

Thursday, January 31st, 2008

Patio heaters could be banned by the European Union over fears that they are contributing to global warming.

Euro-MPs will today vote on energy efficiency proposals to phase out the sale of the popular gas-burning appliances which are increasingly found outside bars, cafés and restaurants since the indoor smoking ban.

But the proposal has been attacked by publicans, who say bars and pubs need the heaters for customers driven outside by smoking bans.

The trade has invested £86.5 million in heaters over the past 12 months and a ban could cost pubs, cafés and restaurants an estimated £250 million a year in lost business.

Nigel Farage, leader of the UK Independence Party, said: “Not content with devastating the pub trade with the illiberal and ill-informed smoking ban, these autocratic busybodies now want to make smokers stand in the cold and the rain.

A UN climate expert questioned the usefulness of a ban.

“The overall impact of outdoor heaters on global warming and greenhouse gas emissions is very minimal,” said Dr Eric Johnson, of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

(This has nothing to do with climate change. That’s just being used as an excuse to go after smokers and make it impossible for them to smoke in public, anywhere. Nicotine Nannies can’t stand the idea that pubs are still accommodating them, and will use any excuse to prevent it.)

Source: The Telegraph. Link

Smoking ban costing pubs dear

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

Landlords are reporting losses of up to £1,000 a week since the smoking ban was introduced.

With the new law now six months old, others are reporting losing a third of their trade as punters shun their local in favour of a can of lager and a cigarette in the comfort of their own homes.

In addition, publicans have reported a rise in complaints about other smells once masked by tobacco.

Tony Ford, manager of The Star Inn in Manchester Street, Kemp Town, Brighton, has seen his takings fall by one third since the ban, despite installing two outdoor areas for smokers.

“British pubs are the best pubs in the world but the new legislation is sucking the soul out of them.”

Julia Millham, of The Kings Arms in George Street, Kemp Town, said regulars hated the ban and trade had dropped by £1,000 a week.

Figures released by the British Beer and Pub Association show sales of beer in British pubs fell by six per cent in the year ending November 2007.

In November alone, sales were down 9.7 per cent on the same period in 2006.

Source: The Argus. Link

Ciggy ban killing Worthing’s pub trade

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

SIX months on from the introduction of the smoking ban in England, pub landlords in Worthing say its effects could cause businesses to close.

Landlord Glenn Wheatley, of The Elms in Broadwater, said profits had dropped significantly since smokers were banned from lighting up inside public places on July 1.

But while he believes he will not have to shut his doors anytime soon, he knows of others who are at immediate risk of closing for good.

Glenn, 45, said: “I think it needs to be said that what the government has done has affected our trade.

“It has emptied pubs. They’ve lost their heart.

“There is no atmosphere any more because everyone is shivering outside having a cigarette.

“I should think there are a few who have stopped coming to my pub altogether, and people definitely don’t stay as long any more.

David believes in the next year as many as a third of pubs in the town could be lost due to falling profits.

Source: Littlehampton Gazette. Link

Marston’s Sales Weaken After Ban on Smoking in Pubs

Friday, January 25th, 2008

Marston’s Plc, the pub owner that sponsors England’s national cricket team, said sales growth weakened after an indoor smoking ban, becoming the latest industry member to say the measure is hurting revenue or profit.

Sales rose 1 percent at company managed pubs open a year or more in the current fiscal year’s first 16 weeks, Wolverhampton, England-based Marston’s said today in a statement. That was less than a quarter of the previous year’s 4.6 percent gain. Revenue growth slid to 0.1 percent in the most recent eight weeks.

Source: Bloomberg.com. Link

Smoking ban affecting some restaurants more than others

Saturday, January 19th, 2008

COOKEVILLE — When Toot’s closed its Willow Avenue location in December, a sign posted on restaurant doors partially blamed the state’s smoking ban. Owners Robin and Tanya Holcomb claimed sales had dropped 20 percent at the restaurant.

Others haven’t been so lucky. Both Logan’s and O’Charley’s cite declining sales, and say the ban is at least partially to blame.

Source: Herald-Citizen. Link

Look at other side of smoking ban

Saturday, January 19th, 2008

(No numbers in this one, just a well written letter about nicotine nannies.)

To the anti-smoking folks writing letters to the media: There seem to be two major themes coming through loud and clear.

First is a patent hatred of people who smoke. These are your friends, relatives, co-workers, employers and employees, not to mention perfect strangers who have done you no harm. Somewhere between 60 and 90 million of us … depending on who is counting.

It takes a special kind of hate and heartlessness to force people from all walks of life, race, economic status, age, disability, etc. out into the cold to smoke. And outdoor smoking areas –no more than three walls mind you — can’t serve drinks, food, entertainment, TV, heat? This is America?

The second notion is that somehow smokers are forcing you to inhale their smoke. Can someone cite one instance where a smoker forced a non-smoker into an establishment that allows (excuse me, allowed) smoking? Maybe it’s just me, but if there is something about a place I don’t like, I don’t go there. What is so difficult about this concept? A cigar bar? Why then Mr. and Ms. Non-smoker, don’t go there if it offends you. But rather the attitude of these people seems to be “change the world to suit me”. After all, isn’t it “all about me”? No compromise? Again, this is America?

The most successful propaganda is based on the theory that the biggest lie repeated often enough sinks into the subconscious. Then, it becomes religion-like.

Spencer Hendron
Lake Barrington

Source: Daily Hearld. Link

Illinois smoking ban, bad for business

Friday, January 18th, 2008

MARSHALL, Ill. – A new statewide smoking ban in Illinois has non-smokers breathing a sigh of relief, but some bar and restaurant workers say this ban is bad for business.

“There was about 20 of us in the bar and one person inside the bar and the bartender and everyone else was outside smoking a cigarette,” Frigge said.

Joe says he used to come to places like this, visit with friends and stay for a few hours, but since the ban Joe says he’s spending a lot more time at home.

“Anymore, maybe a half hour and I head home because I’m not going to stand there in the freezing weather to smoke a cigarette,” he said.

Just a couple of weeks ago, before the smoking ban went into place, local hangouts would be packed. Now barely anyone is here, and that can’t be good for business.

Mora works across town at Jerry’s Restaurant where the scene is pretty much the same, empty tables.

A regular used to sit at the counter and stay for hours, now there’s just an empty chair.
“Now with the coffee drinkers not staying or whatever, it makes the parking lot empty and that doesn’t look good for us either,” Mora said.

Source: WHITV.com. Link

Smoking ban has played huge part in pub closures

Thursday, January 10th, 2008

HOW sad to see the front page of the Gazette (December 27), showing all the boarded-up pubs.

I agree with the view of Paul Crease, landlord of the Arun View, that the smoking ban has caused all this.

In its present form, the smoking ban is a hateful, mindless piece of legislation.

Source: Littlechampton Gazette. Link

Smoke ban minister pays price for ban

Monday, January 7th, 2008

(Finally, a story on this page to make you smile.)

The minister behind the smoking ban has been forced to move office because of the number of smokers congregating outside her window.

Caroline Flint, health minister when the smoking ban came into force and now welfare minister, said the smell of smoke coming through her window was “overpowering”, according to the Mail on Sunday.

Her husband and office manager Phil Cole told the paper: “There was some kind of ventilation system that we could not close off, so even with the windows closed the smoke kept coming in.”

Flint has asked for a review of the four designated outdoor smoking areas in the courtyard of the Palace of Westminster.

Smoking bans help pokie players cut their losses

Monday, January 7th, 2008

A new study has found that spending on pokies {video poker machines} has remained about 14 per cent below pre-smoking ban levels, despite predictions an initial drop in gaming machine revenues would be temporary.

The study looked at annual gaming machine revenues following the Victorian Government’s introduction in September 2002 of a ban on people smoking while playing pokies at the state’s 523 gaming venues.

Average monthly turnover fell from $218 million to $188 million after the ban, which forced gamblers to use special rooms or leave the venues if they wanted to smoke.

Figures for subsequent years show the initial “significant abrupt” fall has been maintained.

The researchers from VicHealth’s Centre for Tobacco Control said the requirement to walk away from the machines to smoke “may provide time for reflection on losing”.

The centre’s executive director, Fiona Sharkie, said the smoking bans, introduced primarily to protect the health of hotel and club patrons and staff, had resulted in the additional social benefit of helping problem gamblers because they were often also heavy smokers. Smoking rates are higher among gamblers, with up to 86 per cent of problem gamblers being smokers, she said.

Smokers make up 36 per cent of patrons at gambling venues, yet account for 50 per cent of the losses.

“The way the smoke-free policy has reduced gambling activity is not certain and could take a number of different forms,” says the study, published in this month’s Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.

“It may mean that gamblers are spending more time in areas where smoking is permitted, therefore reducing the time they spend at the machines, or that they are leaving the venue earlier after taking a break to smoke, rather than staying.”

Source: The Australian. Link

Pub beer flattened by smoking ban

Friday, January 4th, 2008

The number of pints served in Britain’s pubs and bars in the run-up to the busy festive period declined by almost 10% as chilly smokers, no longer allowed a cigarette inside a pub, cut short their drinking time or stayed at home.

Pub bosses expected the ban to hit hardest in winter but the November decline is by far the steepest since the restrictions were extended from Scotland into Wales and England last year. UK beer sales in August, the second month of the nationwide ban, were down just 2.5%.

The November figures followed falls of 8.2% and 7.7% for September and October respectively and appeared to hit every type of beer. “All categories fell – there was nowhere to hide,” said Mark Brumby, an analyst at Blue Oar Securities. “Premium ale was down 6.9%, standard ale 9.6%, standard lager 10.4%, premium lager 8.3% and stout 10.6%.”

Source: The Guardian. Link


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