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Nicotine Nannies claim smoking bans are good for business. But if that were the case, could this list exist, and could it be so huge? (Please note, this is only a small sample of articles available on the subject.)

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Smoking ban putting clubs at risk

Friday, April 18th, 2008

Mick Hudson, treasurer of Seaton Carew Social Club, said: “We are £18,000 down on beer sales in the last six months – and we are one of the clubs that is just about coping.

“When you look at the membership, our figures have dropped from about 450 to around 300 in the last year, so we have lost a third of the members.

“People can buy cheap drink in the shops and stay at home, they don’t want to be standing outside in the cold, smoking. When the members drop, there is a knock-on effect everywhere. The money over the bar drops, we have to put prices up, we don’t make enough to cover the costs of putting entertainment on and so on.

Source: Hartlepool Mail. Link

Smoke ban threat to social clubs

Thursday, April 17th, 2008

because of a chronic shortage of customers.Up to 15 working men’s clubs in County Durham could be forced to close over the next 18 months.

A combination of the smoking ban and the availability of cheap booze in supermarkets is being blamed.

“The smoking legislation is having a serious effect on our clubs. Some of our clubs are up to £1,500 a week down.

Source: BBC News. Link

Snooker halls facing final frame decider as smoking ban kicks in

Thursday, April 17th, 2008

With memberships in decline, once-busy clubs are closing as owners struggle to break even.

But the clubs are not as crowded as you might expect. In fact, if you can find one still open, you should be able to breeze in for a frame pretty much any time.

Club owners warned this week that traditional snooker and pool halls across the country are shutting up shop after a downturn in trade. Many believe the decline is an unforeseen by-product of the smoking ban, now nearly one year old.

Kentish Town Snooker in Holmes Road – once thriving with 18 tables across two floors – closed last year, and next to disappear of the map is the Camden Snooker Club in Delancey Street, Camden Town.

It faces demolition this summer after its regulars were unable to convince a planning inspector – despite a 500-strong petition – that there was enough interest to save it from the bulldozer.

“We have just found out that 50 clubs have closed in the past two years.”

“The whole snooker scene is quieter these days. It is definitely much quieter since the smoking ban. There are fewer young people too.

Source: Camden New Journal. Lin

Pub smoking ban ‘blighted couple’s home’

Monday, April 7th, 2008

A couple say their home next to a village pub has been “blighted” by the smoking ban and are claiming up to £50,000 for the effect on its value.

Neil and Rachel Mutter moved out of the one-bedroom property behind the Silverton Inn, in Silverton, Devon, claiming “stress and exhaustion”.

Their home, The Old Lodge, can only be reached via a partially covered yard beside the pub – which landlord Shane Radmore turned into a smoking area when the new smoking law came into effect last summer.

But when they decided to leave their home and put it on the market for £185,000 they claimed they were unable to sell it because of the situation which followed the smoking ban.

Mr and Mrs Mutter, who moved out to live with relatives, have now made a county court claim for up to £50,000 for the “diminution in value” of their property.

The couple could not be contacted today, but in a county court statement Mrs Mutter said after the smoking law came into effect, up to 15 people gathered in the yard to smoke.

That happened throughout the pub’s opening times and sometimes past midnight, she said.

To get to their home they had to negotiate a crowd of people, around furniture and a cloud of smoke.

Mrs Mutter aid in her statement that they finally moved out because of the “noise, smell, cigarette butts and smoke”.

Source: 24dash.com. Link

Pub profits down 15% since smoke ban

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

The dire financial state of many pubs is revealed in a survey of 500 tenants carried out by the MA.

The most startling statistic is that 10% of pubs are operating at a loss or zero profit.

Also, as many as 78,000 full and part-time jobs may have been lost if the survey results replicate the situation across the 50,000 pubs in England and Wales.

The survey found the average profitability of a pub had slumping by almost 15% in the past year to £24,180.

Of equal concern is that more than half of survey respondents (54%) predicted profitability falling even farther over the coming year.

Nearly six out of 10 pubs (57%) had been forced to shed staff, with an average of 2.75 redundancies per pub.

Pubs where trade was down reported falls ranging between 5% and 40% with the average drop being 18%.

The figures indicate that claims about pubs being repatriated by non-smokers after the ban were over-optimistic.

Source: Morning Advertiser. Link

A full house? Not since smoking ban, says Gala

Sunday, March 30th, 2008

The number of visitors to a Hounslow bingo hall are down since last year’s smoking ban, bingo bosses have said.

Gala Bingo, in Staines Road, attributed losses of 30 per cent to the legislation banning smoking in public places, which came in to effect in July last year.

Surrender Kumar who has worked at the hall for 18 years, said: “The drop in the number of customers has forced us to stop trading on Sunday afternoons.”

The period 2004 to 2005 {before the ban} showed a 24 per cent increase in trade.

Helen Spicer, from Mintel, said: “The smoking ban has meant that many players simply stay away from bingo halls, or if they do go, they head out during the intervals for a quick cigarette.

“If the industry doesn’t come up with new ideas, British bingo could soon be a thing of the past.”

Source: Richmond Twickenham Times. Link

Another pub chain falls victim to the ban on smoking

Saturday, March 29th, 2008

The Laurel Pub Company, owner of some of the country’s best-known high street bar brands, has collapsed. The development comes as breweries and pub chains blame the ban for encouraging smokers to stay at home rather than visit their local.

Some 388 pubs were placed in administration this week, though a rescue deal orchestrated by the company’s colourful owner, the Iranian property investor Robert Tchenguiz, will ensure the brands survive.

According to the British Beer and Pubs Association, the smoking ban in England and Wales combined with the credit crunch and a decline in drinking are responsible for closing pubs at their fastest rate in history – 27 a week.

The Massive Pub Company, which owned the Tup chain of pubs in London and the Sports Café chain, have both been placed in administration, while Regents Inns, owner of the Walkabout chain, has been forced into the sale of 94 bars.

In the past two months, Marstons, Greene King, Fuller, Smith and Turner and Wetherspoons have all announced their profits have been hit by the ban on smoking in public.

The Government outlawed lighting up in restaurants, bars and other public spaces on 1 July last year.

Publicans installed awnings and patio heaters to encourage smokers to go to the pub. However, commentators say that has failed to prevent the ban hitting the £15bn-a-year industry, with traditional “wet-led” local pubs the worst affected. Mark Brumby, a drinks analyst with Blue Oar Securities, estimated that the smoking ban had cost between 3 and 4 per cent of sales – or about £600m.

The collapse of the Laurel Pub Chain on Thursday indicated the impact of the smoking ban was spreading to suburban locations.

According to The Publican, the remaining 90 loss-making pubs in administration – five Slug and Lettuce, 11 Ha Ha, 40 Yates and seven Litten Tree – owe £8.6m in unpaid rent.

The pubs have now, in effect, been cut adrift from Mr Tchenguiz’s empire, with the expected loss of about 800 jobs.

Source: The Independent. Link

Dutch health minister says marijuana to be exempt from July 1 smoking ban

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

{In Europe many marijuana smokers mix their pot with tobacco. In a perfect example of the absurdity of SHS hysteria, people who smoke pure cannabis can stay in the shop, but those who mix it with a bit of tobacco have to do it in a special area where staff is prohibited from working.}

Dutch health minister Ab Klink said visitors to coffee shops will be free to smoke marijuana as long as it is not mixed with tobacco, after a smoking ban affecting all restaurants and bars goes into effect on July 1.

Coffee shops also will be allowed to set up separate smoking areas for customers who want to smoke marijuana and tobacco, although staff will not be allowed to serve or do other work inside those areas.

Source: Forbes.com Link

Worthing pub blames smoking ban for closure

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

A pub is closing down on Easter Monday due to falling trade following the ban on smoking.

The bar, in Chapel Road, is one of several Yates ear-marked for closure around the country.

Owners, the Laurel Pub Company, which owns more than 400 pubs and restaurants nationwide, said: “We are closing due to the affect of the smoking ban and difficult trading conditions.”

The company says it will be helping the 12 staff to find new jobs. The spokesman said: “Where possible we try to re-locate our staff.”

The Argus has reported landlords reporting takings dropping by £1,000 a week in some pubs. Littlehampton appears to have been one of the worst hit areas with five pubs being forced to shut.

A survey by the Campaign for Real Ale revealed 56 pubs a month are closing across the country.

Source: The Argus. Link

Smoking ban hits pub games league

Thursday, March 6th, 2008

Halifax Ladies Friendly League used to have 16 pubs and clubs but has started the new season with only six teams.

The smoking ban has been blamed for its dwindling popularity, as well as 10 pubs closing in Calderdale this year already.

“Numbers started dwindling three or four years ago and the smoking ban has now killed it,” said Mrs Kershaw, a smoker, of Pye Nest Gardens, Halifax. “I would say about 75 per cent of players smoke.”

Source: Halifax Courier. Link

Final curtain for smoke ban club

Monday, March 3rd, 2008

Nestled in the heart of a North Shore residential area, the club has been a local for hundreds of members for nearly three decades.

But a nationwide smoking ban, imposed by the Government last July, has stubbed out the social club’s fortunes, forcing owner David Hall to close its often-crowded concert room.

“The smoking ban is killing clubland, not only in Blackpool, but across the UK.

“I remember a time – not that long ago – when this place was packed every night.

“Now we are lucky if we get a handful of people.

“The smoking ban has killed this place.
The Government should have thought more about the laws before they brought them in.”

His wife Barbara, 68, said: “There’s always been a real community spirit about the place. We have met so many of our friends here, friends for life.”

Customer Carol Ramsden added her best wishes to the owner. She said: “It’s such a shame for everyone but the smoking ban is to blame.

Source: Blackpool Gazette. Link

‘Robbed’ of the right to smoke

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

The ban on smoking in enclosed public places has caused controversy, but what if you couldn’t smoke in the place where you lived?

Life in a typical mental health unit is not exactly festooned with luxuries. Like all hospitals, they can seem cold, clinical and austere places to many patients.

And life is about to get worse for many of those held in a unit. By 1 July 2008 they must all be smoke-free. Prisons, on the other hand, will remain exempt from the smoking ban.

The move is likely to anger many patients, who are not allowed to leave the unit and are not being punished for any crime. Already three are taking legal action over their right to smoke.

The patients argue the hospital is effectively their home and therefore they should be able to smoke. The new rules even prevent them smoking in the grounds.

“You have the choice to smoke in prison, but not in a mental hospital,” he says. “But prisons are there for punishment, and hospitals are there for treatment.”

“People who use mental health services are twice as likely to smoke as those who do not, and some may use this as a means of coping with distress,” she says.

And there is even an argument that suddenly being made to give up smoking could worsen their problems, suggests Dr Chris Allen, a consultant clinical psychologist.

“If they’re using smoking as a way of assistance to cope with their mental health problems, and then that’s taken away, that could lead to problems being exacerbated.”

Source: BBC News. Link

Smoke ban shuts Blackpool club

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

A SECOND social club in Blackpool has closed blaming the smoking ban for driving members away.

And its owners today warned others will follow.

The curtain will come down on the Claremont Theatre Club on Friday after two decades.

It follows the shock closure of the Central Club in Kent Road.

Claremont owner David Hall said in its heyday his Sherbourne Road club boasted 1,000 members. Numbers have now dwindled to just 100.

He said: “I’ve had days recently when I’ve only taken £20 all day and you can’t survive on that. The smoking ban has crucified my business, and it’s doing the same to everyone.

He said: “I’ve had days recently when I’ve only taken £20 all day and you can’t survive on that. The smoking ban has crucified my business, and it’s doing the same to everyone.

The Central Club closed just a few weeks ago.

A statement from management at the once hugely popular venue said: “We regret that due to increased running costs, government legislation and the smoking ban we are now closed.”

Julie Sandwell, of Blackpool-based Sandwell Entertainments which books acts for venues including social clubs, said business was the toughest it had ever been in the agency’s 27-year history.

She said: “It’s a real shame the Claremont Theatre Club is closing. I have definitely noticed quite a drop in business because of the smoking ban.

Meanwhile, there are a number of pubs in the resort currently shut including The Bloomfield on Ansdell Road, the Oxford in Oxford Square, the former Lionel Vinyl’s in Clifton Street, the Royal on Marton Drive and the Cedar Tavern in Cedar Square.

Source: Blackpool Gazette. Link

10% profit drop since smoke ban for hosts

Friday, February 22nd, 2008

The smoking ban has reduced the profit of the average tenanted licensee by 10%, analysts at Goldman Sachs have claimed.

Source: Morning Advertiser. Link

Smoking ban kills Lynn Hogshead

Friday, February 22nd, 2008

THE first pub in Lynn has fallen victim to the smoking ban with news that the Hogshead is to close.

Laurel Pub Company yesterday confirmed that the Hogshead, opposite Debenhams, would be closing on Tuesday.

“We are working to try to relocate our eight employees where possible, however in some cases this will lead to redundancies.(What a nice way of saying they’ll be losing their jobs.)

Lynn’s club and pub scene is about to change with Presnell’s Club in Millfleet closing within the next fortnight.

Source: lynnnews.com. Link

Smoke ban forces Gala to close bingo halls

Sunday, February 10th, 2008

Gala Coral is the latest bingo operator to close a handful of its clubs after the smoking ban and new gaming laws ravaged the number of punters, forcing the industry into a major rethink of strategy.

The company, which owns 169 clubs, will close the doors for good at five of its worst-performing sites this weekend.

West Granton in Edinburgh, Winton in Bournemouth and Bedminster in Bristol will be among the clubs closed.

Last year, Gala’s rival, stock market-listed Rank, closed 17 clubs.

Source: This Is Money. Link

It’s game over as smoking ban kills off city bingo hall

Friday, February 8th, 2008

THE number’s up for an Edinburgh bingo hall that has been forced to close after an 80 per cent drop in players since the smoking ban.

Gala Bingo, in West Granton, once boasted around 8000 customers a week – but numbers have slumped to as low as 1500 since the ban came into force.

On Saturday night, the decision was finally taken to close the club, which opened 12 and a half years ago.

The Bingo Association, the body representing the game, said around 40 clubs across the UK had closed in the past year.

Paul Talboys, the association’s chief executive, said 189 clubs across the UK are currently under the threat of closure.


Regent Inns Profit Falls 71% After Ban on Pub Smoking

Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

Feb. 5 (Bloomberg) — Regent Inns Plc, the U.K. owner of the Walkabout pub chain, said first-half profit fell 71 percent after an English ban on smoking in bars and pressure on incomes hurt spending.

Net income dropped to 599,000 pounds ($1.2 million)
, or 0.5 penny a share, in the 26 weeks ended Dec. 29 from 2.06 million pounds, or 1.8 pence, a year earlier, the London-based company said today in a statement. Sales rose 4.2 percent to 76 million pounds and fell 3.8 percent at outlets open at least a year.

Source: Bloomberg. Link

Smoking ban fuels street violence

Saturday, February 2nd, 2008

Violence in pubs in Preston city centre is being pushed on to the streets because of the controversial smoking ban, police warned today.

Insp Steve Evans said the sudden increase of smokers lighting up outside pubs and restaurants since the ban on July 1 last year has “provoked” trouble in the city centre.

He warned innocent smokers could fall prey to yobs intent on causing trouble by picking fights in the street.

And today, Lancaster police chief, Chief Supt Tim Jacques, said the ban has meant more people are staying at home to drink, sparking more violence in homes and neighbourhoods in the city.

“It stands to reason. If there are 20 people stood outside in the street, someone walking the streets looking for trouble has more people to encounter and a bigger choice.”

He added: “We are not saying smokers are responsible for violent behaviour – but those people stood outside having cigarettes would normally have been in pubs and not encountered the troublemaker.”

Ronnie Fitzpatrick, landlord of the Dog and Partridge, Friargate, Preston, said: “I think there is less tension in pubs because there is more room – the smokers are outside so not as many people bump into each other, which was often a source for trouble.”

Source: Lep.co. Link

Two million adults going to pubs less after smoking ban

Friday, February 1st, 2008

Two millions adults are going out to pubs and bars less as a result of the smoking ban, according to new research.

The survey of 2,098 adults warned that the “drinking man’s pub” was under threat with 16% of those surveyed admitting to going out less due to the smoking ban.

Mintel says the sample equates to two million of the adult population shunning their local boozer to smoke at home.

“Those that are being worst hit are bingo halls and the smaller independent, more traditional pubs because their customers are amongst those who are most likely to smoke.”

Cater Research. Link

Fears surround EU plans to ban patio heaters

Thursday, January 31st, 2008

Patio heaters could be banned by the European Union over fears that they are contributing to global warming.

Euro-MPs will today vote on energy efficiency proposals to phase out the sale of the popular gas-burning appliances which are increasingly found outside bars, cafés and restaurants since the indoor smoking ban.

But the proposal has been attacked by publicans, who say bars and pubs need the heaters for customers driven outside by smoking bans.

The trade has invested £86.5 million in heaters over the past 12 months and a ban could cost pubs, cafés and restaurants an estimated £250 million a year in lost business.

Nigel Farage, leader of the UK Independence Party, said: “Not content with devastating the pub trade with the illiberal and ill-informed smoking ban, these autocratic busybodies now want to make smokers stand in the cold and the rain.

A UN climate expert questioned the usefulness of a ban.

“The overall impact of outdoor heaters on global warming and greenhouse gas emissions is very minimal,” said Dr Eric Johnson, of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

(This has nothing to do with climate change. That’s just being used as an excuse to go after smokers and make it impossible for them to smoke in public, anywhere. Nicotine Nannies can’t stand the idea that pubs are still accommodating them, and will use any excuse to prevent it.)

Source: The Telegraph. Link

Smoking ban costing pubs dear

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

Landlords are reporting losses of up to £1,000 a week since the smoking ban was introduced.

With the new law now six months old, others are reporting losing a third of their trade as punters shun their local in favour of a can of lager and a cigarette in the comfort of their own homes.

In addition, publicans have reported a rise in complaints about other smells once masked by tobacco.

Tony Ford, manager of The Star Inn in Manchester Street, Kemp Town, Brighton, has seen his takings fall by one third since the ban, despite installing two outdoor areas for smokers.

“British pubs are the best pubs in the world but the new legislation is sucking the soul out of them.”

Julia Millham, of The Kings Arms in George Street, Kemp Town, said regulars hated the ban and trade had dropped by £1,000 a week.

Figures released by the British Beer and Pub Association show sales of beer in British pubs fell by six per cent in the year ending November 2007.

In November alone, sales were down 9.7 per cent on the same period in 2006.

Source: The Argus. Link

Ciggy ban killing Worthing’s pub trade

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

SIX months on from the introduction of the smoking ban in England, pub landlords in Worthing say its effects could cause businesses to close.

Landlord Glenn Wheatley, of The Elms in Broadwater, said profits had dropped significantly since smokers were banned from lighting up inside public places on July 1.

But while he believes he will not have to shut his doors anytime soon, he knows of others who are at immediate risk of closing for good.

Glenn, 45, said: “I think it needs to be said that what the government has done has affected our trade.

“It has emptied pubs. They’ve lost their heart.

“There is no atmosphere any more because everyone is shivering outside having a cigarette.

“I should think there are a few who have stopped coming to my pub altogether, and people definitely don’t stay as long any more.

David believes in the next year as many as a third of pubs in the town could be lost due to falling profits.

Source: Littlehampton Gazette. Link

Marston’s Sales Weaken After Ban on Smoking in Pubs

Friday, January 25th, 2008

Marston’s Plc, the pub owner that sponsors England’s national cricket team, said sales growth weakened after an indoor smoking ban, becoming the latest industry member to say the measure is hurting revenue or profit.

Sales rose 1 percent at company managed pubs open a year or more in the current fiscal year’s first 16 weeks, Wolverhampton, England-based Marston’s said today in a statement. That was less than a quarter of the previous year’s 4.6 percent gain. Revenue growth slid to 0.1 percent in the most recent eight weeks.

Source: Bloomberg.com. Link

Smoking ban has played huge part in pub closures

Thursday, January 10th, 2008

HOW sad to see the front page of the Gazette (December 27), showing all the boarded-up pubs.

I agree with the view of Paul Crease, landlord of the Arun View, that the smoking ban has caused all this.

In its present form, the smoking ban is a hateful, mindless piece of legislation.

Source: Littlechampton Gazette. Link


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