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Nicotine Nannies claim smoking bans are good for business. But if that were the case, could this list exist, and could it be so huge? (Please note, this is only a small sample of articles available on the subject.)

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Publicans on trial for smoking ban violations

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

The owners of a café in the northern city of Groningen will appear in court today on charges of violating the recently introduced smoking ban for the catering industry. The owners of Café De Kachel were caught six times allowing their patrons to smoke.

They argue their turnover went down by 60 percent after the introduction of the ban and say they had no choice but to put the ashtrays back on the tables. The owners are facing a maximum fine of 18,500 euros, and the judge can order the café temporarily closed.

Many of Groningen’s publicans are expected to attend the trial to offer the owners of De Kachel moral support.

Source: Radion Netherlands.  Link

Ban on smoking at risk due to crisis

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

ISTANBUL (not Constantinople) – Despite Turkey having passed a law in May that created a partially smoke-free environment, the implementation of the smoking ban has been claimed as one of the victims of the global financial crisis as restaurant owners choose to ignore it and hang on to their customers.

However, restaurants and cafes in shopping malls that do not want to lose smokers as customers are ignoring the ban.

The same applies to the Olivium mall in the Zeytinburnu district where some restaurants are ignoring the ban due to the decrease in customers. The proprietor of a restaurant where smoking is permitted in Olivium said, “[The ban] reduced business by 90 percent. We had 11 employees here, now we have five, it is a shame…

Source: Hurriyet Daily News.  Link

Across France, Cafe Owners Are Suffering

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

The plight of Ms. Guérin is being replicated all over France, as traditional cafes and bars suffer and even close, hit by changing attitudes, habits and now a poor economic climate. In 1960, France had 200,000 cafes, said Bernard Quartier, president of the National Federation of Cafes, Brasseries and Discotheques. Now it has fewer than 41,500, with an average of two closing every day.

The number of bankruptcies filed by cafe bars in the first six months of 2008 rose by 56 percent over the same period a year ago, according to a study by Euler Hermes SFAC, a large credit insurance company. No reliable figures are available for the latter part of this year, when an economic slowdown here has been accelerated by the general financial crisis, a collapse in consumer confidence and the quick tightening of credit.

Not only are the French spending less, and drinking less, cutting down on the intensity and quality of the debates, but on Jan. 1 of this year, after much huffing and puffing, France extended its smoking ban to bars, cafes and restaurants.

Marco Mayeux, 42, the bartender of Le Relais, a Paris cafe in the 18th Arrondissement, said the ban alone had cut his coffee and bar business by 20 percent.

“A place like mine doesn’t appeal to everyone; it’s very working-stiff,” he said. “There is a coffee-at-the-counter feel that isn’t attractive anymore.”

Before, clients would go inside a cafe, have a coffee, a cigarette and another coffee. But now they go out to smoke, and sometimes they do not come back, many cafe owners said.

In Paris, Mr. Picolet, of Aux Amis du Beaujolais, said simply: “The bar-cafes? They’re finished. Twenty years ago, people would go in the morning before work for a coffee and a cigarette. And now, it’s over. Young people don’t drink during the day, and when they drink, they drink to get wasted. Smoking is forbidden and they eat en route, with coffee in a paper cup. They smoke and drink at home.”

Source: The New York Times.  Link

Dutch cafe owners rally against smoking ban

Sunday, November 30th, 2008

THE HAGUE (AFP) — Dutch cafe owners on Saturday took to the streets of The Hague in protest at a smoking ban they say has seen business drop by up to a third.

The cafe owners want the ban, which came into force on July 1, scrapped arguing they have neither the space nor the money to build specially-ventilated smoking areas.

Source: AFP. Link

Gulfport smoking ban has restaurant owner steaming

Sunday, November 23rd, 2008

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) – Eight months ago, Ricky Dombrowski supported Gulfport’s smoking ban. But after watching almost 30% of his profits go up in smoke, he’s had a change of heart. Dombrowski is now pushing for a modification to the smoking ban, before it snuffs out his restaurant.

Dombrowski has received two calls from Gulfport police, warning him that smoking inside Skeeters is illegal. But if he obeys the law, he says his Gulfport business could close.

In the first three months after smoking was banned, his restaurant revenues dropped more than 30%. So, in August, he started to look the other way when people wanted to smoke. By October, he put out ashtrays.

Source: WLOX-TV.  Link.

Café turnover hit by smoking ban

Monday, October 20th, 2008

Many cafes and discos have seen their turnover fall as a result of the smoking ban introduced on July 1, says sector lobby group Horeca Nederland.

Café turnover dropped by an average 26% and discos by 31% in July and August, compared with the previous summer, according to a survey by the sector.

Source: Dutch News.  Link

Dutch cafes losing money over cigarette ban

Sunday, October 19th, 2008

Three quarters of Dutch cafes and clubs have lost patrons due to a smoking ban which was introduced in July.

The significant drop in business was reported after a study revealed that cafes had seen a 26 percent decline with clubs dropping by 31 percent.

The smoking ban has been blamed for the loss of customers and many establishments say they have had to fire staff.

Earlier this month restaurant owners asked the health ministry to compensate them for losses as a result of the ban.

Source: Brunei News Net.  Link

Restos, Cafes Feel The Heat Of Smoking Ban

Sunday, September 7th, 2008

Jack Tan, Administrative and Finance Manager of Coffeezone has said that from the past week that the smoking ban has been in place, he has noticed that about 30 per cent of his usual customers have stopped coming.

“About 40 per cent of loyal customers are smokers, and that is why we have an outside seating area, but now with the ban, there is no point to have .outside dining at the restaurant,” he said.

Source: BruneiDriect.com. Link

Fundraiser failed to save Lombard restaurant

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

Larry and Patti Wojdyla held a benefit earlier this summer at their 29-year-old Irish pub to try saving it from a slowing economy, high gas prices and the recent statewide smoking ban that they say ate away profits.

The smoking ban, said Larry Wojdyla, was “the last nail in the coffin” for the downtown business at 418 S. Main St.

“I don’t care if other states (banned smoking) or not, it’s killing a lot of businesses,” he said. “The state should have given neighborhood taverns the option to go smoking or nonsmoking. We have several nonsmoking customers who had no problems coming here.”

After the ban went into effect at he start of the year, Wojdyla said profits fell as much as 25 percent, losing up to $6,500 per month. He said patrons were still coming but staying for less time and, therefore, spending less money.

“My place was a working man’s bar, where people want to sit down, chat with friends and have a cigarette,” he said. “Now people are thinking, ‘Should I go in and spend $3 for a bottle of beer or spend $16 for a 30-pack and smoke at home?'”

In addition to Wojdyla and his wife, their two adult children also worked at Flaherty’s. Now the family has filed for bankruptcy and Wojdyla said they are in danger of losing their home.

Source: Daily Herald.  Link

Cafés in Turkish malls demand fairness in smoking ban

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

Restaurant and café owners whose businesses are located inside enclosed venues and shopping malls have been suffering a 15 to 20 percent drop in turnover since an indoor smoking ban went into force on May 19 have claimed that it is not the ban but unfair competition that is responsible for plummeting sales.

Shopping mall managers say the sharp fall in turnover was mainly caused by eateries located outside shopping malls, where the ban on smoking will not go into effect until next year. Smokers who spend their time in shopping malls walk out to nearby restaurants that offer a smoke-friendly alternative, a situation mall managers say creates unfair competition. Managers demand that the smoking ban in all restaurants and cafés, scheduled to take effect on July 19, 2009, should either be moved up to an earlier date or their eateries should be excluded from the indoor smoking ban until that date.

{This is fairly typical behavior.  When bans hurt one sector but not another, the injured parties often demand that the pain be spread around in the interest of “fairness.”} 

Source: Today’s Zaman.  Link

Grandma’s restaurant will close its doors on Minneapolis’ west bank

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

Alatus Management, a Minneapolis-based developing company, purchased the building a year and a half ago. After spending 27 years in its current location, it was the decision of Grandma’s corporate office to close the restaurant at the beginning of this summer.

Peterson said she is disappointed that the restaurant is closing because she is finishing finals and now has to find another job.

The president of Grandma’s Corporation, Brian Daugherty, said legislation like the smoking ban has deteriorated the state of hospitality jobs in Minneapolis.

Source: Minnesota Daily. Link

Dutch health minister says marijuana to be exempt from July 1 smoking ban

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

{In Europe many marijuana smokers mix their pot with tobacco. In a perfect example of the absurdity of SHS hysteria, people who smoke pure cannabis can stay in the shop, but those who mix it with a bit of tobacco have to do it in a special area where staff is prohibited from working.}

Dutch health minister Ab Klink said visitors to coffee shops will be free to smoke marijuana as long as it is not mixed with tobacco, after a smoking ban affecting all restaurants and bars goes into effect on July 1.

Coffee shops also will be allowed to set up separate smoking areas for customers who want to smoke marijuana and tobacco, although staff will not be allowed to serve or do other work inside those areas.

Source: Forbes.com Link

Restaurant owner blames smoking ban in part for closing

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

LEBANON — Wild Bill’s New American Grille, 20 E. Silver St., has closed its doors permanently, and its owner says the smoking ban played a significant role in the closing.

“We’re heartbroken about it,” said Bill Schroeder, who operated the restaurant with his wife Gayle.

The Schroeders first closed their restaurant briefly in February 2007, blaming a one-two punch of a mandated hike in minimum wage and the smoking ban that took effect in January 2007 and which, Schroeder said, cost him about 30 percent of his business. But based on e-mails and pleas from customers, the couple reopened the restaurant in the spring.

After the smoking ban took effect, “We never saw a lot of our smokers again,” he said. “I expected families to pick up after the ban, but I didn’t see too much of that.”

The restaurant closed March 1.

Source: Dayton Daily News. Link

Smoking ban affecting some restaurants more than others

Saturday, January 19th, 2008

COOKEVILLE — When Toot’s closed its Willow Avenue location in December, a sign posted on restaurant doors partially blamed the state’s smoking ban. Owners Robin and Tanya Holcomb claimed sales had dropped 20 percent at the restaurant.

Others haven’t been so lucky. Both Logan’s and O’Charley’s cite declining sales, and say the ban is at least partially to blame.

Source: Herald-Citizen. Link

Illinois smoking ban, bad for business

Friday, January 18th, 2008

MARSHALL, Ill. – A new statewide smoking ban in Illinois has non-smokers breathing a sigh of relief, but some bar and restaurant workers say this ban is bad for business.

“There was about 20 of us in the bar and one person inside the bar and the bartender and everyone else was outside smoking a cigarette,” Frigge said.

Joe says he used to come to places like this, visit with friends and stay for a few hours, but since the ban Joe says he’s spending a lot more time at home.

“Anymore, maybe a half hour and I head home because I’m not going to stand there in the freezing weather to smoke a cigarette,” he said.

Just a couple of weeks ago, before the smoking ban went into place, local hangouts would be packed. Now barely anyone is here, and that can’t be good for business.

Mora works across town at Jerry’s Restaurant where the scene is pretty much the same, empty tables.

A regular used to sit at the counter and stay for hours, now there’s just an empty chair.
“Now with the coffee drinkers not staying or whatever, it makes the parking lot empty and that doesn’t look good for us either,” Mora said.

Source: WHITV.com. Link

Larry’s Bar to close on New Year’s Eve

Saturday, December 29th, 2007

Owner says smoking ban hurt business

Larry’s Bar, an establishment which has operated along Pebble Lake Road on the south side of Fergus Falls since 1997, will officially close Dec. 31. The new nonsmoking law was cited as the biggest factor which led to bar owner Donna Seibel not applying for a new liquor license.

Seibel and her late husband, Larry, started leasing the building from the American Legion 10 years ago.

The restaurant business at Otter Supper Club also has decreased since the smoking ban took effect, Buchanan said. On a positive note, the establishment has seen an increase in the offsale (liquor) business.

“I surmise that smokers who formerly would spend an hour in our lounge figure they’re better off buying liquor at our offsale location — and spending more time in the warmth and comfort of their homes,” Buchanan said. “At home they don’t have to leave warm confines and go outside into the cold to smoke.”

Source: The Daily Journal Online. Link

Smoking Ban Cuts Bar Earnings

Monday, December 17th, 2007

A ban on smoking has cut sales in bars and pubs, according to new sector survey. The Association of Travel and Restaurant Services says that income for pubs has dropped more than predicted.

There is also a transition period of two years for bars and restaurants that have arranged the smoking areas so that tobacco smoke does not spread to smoke-free areas.

Restaurants that successfully applied for a transitional period to full no-smoking status were found to have actually increased net sales. Bars that have built the special smoking rooms have seen income fall just like those where smoking is totally banned.

In the survey, 15% of establishments said that they have cut back on staff because of the drop in sales.

(In other words, bars that still allow smoking are seeing increased sales.)

Source: Yle.fi Link

Restaurants and Bars Struggling With Smoking Ban

Saturday, December 8th, 2007

The law bans smoking in just about all public places that serve food, except for casinos. But smokers say it goes too far and restaurant and bar owners say it’s ruining their business.

“We do have some people coming in,” says Parker Mills, bar manager at Famous Murphy’s of Reno on South Virginia Street. “But it’s not like it used to be.”

Profits from the slot machines that used to rake in money from the bar have dropped 65 percent since Nevada voted to ban smoking in restaurants and bars with kitchens.

“If people aren’t coming into gamble, you have to raise the prices,” says Mills. “And instead of having five dollar chicken wings, they’re now 11 bucks.”

A lot of non-smokers are saying that’s too bad; and some, like former smoker Carol Mayberry want the act expanded even further.

“I think it’s important for them to stay in their cars or house and away from public places.”

(Isn’t the compassion of the nicotine nannies a wonderful thing? You can just feel the hate oozing from this bitch’s pores.)

Lazzerone says he’s still seen a big economic impact on business, despite the remodeling. And Mills says the promise of an increase in non-smoking customers is a dream that simply hasn’t come true.

“They haven’t showed up in place of the smoking gamblers who disappeared.”

Source: Kolo 8. Link

Letter to Lake St. Louis

Sunday, November 25th, 2007

In a June 28th Suburban Journal article, the owners of El Maguey Mexican restaurant and Donatelli’s Bistro expressed concern that a Lake St. Louis smoking ban would harm their businesses. They are right to worry. Elsa Barth, owner of the Seventh Inn restaurant in Ballwin, says her restaurant experienced an immediate 35 percent decline in business due to the Ballwin smoking ban. She explained that if a dinner party included even a single smoker, it would choose an alternate establishment that allowed smoking.

Source: Keep St. Louis Free Blog. Link

Smoking ban leaves some bars smoldering

Sunday, November 18th, 2007

In the first month of Ohio’s public smoking ban, the little bar in a blue-collar Summit County neighborhood lost $1,000.

The reason was obvious: The bar’s owner followed the law, telling customers they couldn’t smoke. The bar’s competitors didn’t, and some even ”rented” ashtrays to customers, with the money going into a kitty to defray any smoking-violation fines.

The bar-hopping customers stopped hopping into the little bar. And the regulars, although they kept coming, were buying fewer drinks.

They’d spend 20 minutes at the bar drinking a beer, then 10 minutes outside smoking,” said the owner, who spoke anonymously to protect himself from health department inspectors. ”Instead of drinking five or six beers, they were drinking one or two.

After losing a grand in May, the bar owner changed course in June.

”I figured if that pace kept up,” he said, ”I’d be out of business before anyone else. So I said, what I’ll do is I’ll let them smoke until we get caught. The next month, instead of losing $1,000, we made $2,500 more.”

And he hasn’t been caught.

”I had to make a decision,” he said. ”I just decided to break the law and be done with it. It’s like speeding on the highway — you’re breaking the law, but until you get caught, you’re going to keep speeding, I guess.”

In Akron, Corky’s Thomastown Cafe on South Arlington Street has drawn the most complaints: 37.

Owner Billy McFrye is facing a $100 fine, on top of a loss of customers.

”People aren’t coming out,” he said. ”I’ve got numbers from last year to this year, and you can see it. It’s unreal. It’s gross. It’s down at least 25 percent.”

He remembers hearing the argument that nonsmokers would come out to take the place of smokers who stay home. But that hasn’t happened at Corky’s.

”Nonsmokers don’t go out anyway,” McFrye said. ”They’re the cheapest people breathing air. I’ve been in business 23 years, and I know there’s nothing cheaper than a nonsmoker. I’m really upset with it. I wish the people who voted for it would get cancer, that’s how pissed I am about it.”

McFrye built a patio for smokers so they could go outside and smoke without having to deal with rain, wind and snow. The health department, however, told him he couldn’t allow smoking on the patio because the patio’s roof and walls make it an enclosed space — and the law prohibits smoking in enclosed public spaces.

McFrye has an attorney fighting his fine and the health department’s ruling on the patio. In the meantime, he’s going to continue to let customers light up.

”I’ve got the signs up and ask them not to,” he said, ”but I’m not going to fight with anyone over smoking.”

Christ has heard that before.

”I’ve had owners tell me that as long as they’re open, they’re going to allow their customers to smoke,” she said. ”The next fine is $500. That might have a little bearing on that decision.”

At the Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church on Portage Trail in Cuyahoga Falls, {bingo} business dropped by 25 percent after the smoking ban went into effect, parishioner Matt Pagni said.

Instead of breaking the law to allow smoking, the church bought propane heaters to put just outside the gym doors, along with free coffee. This spring, the church built a patio with chairs, ashtrays and an awning. Volunteers will play patrons’ bingo cards if they have to slip out for a smoke.

Now the church’s bingo business is back to at least 95 percent of what it was before the smoking ban. (So after all that extra expense, they’re still making less money.)

Bars, though, are in a different situation, said Jacob Evans, spokesman for the Ohio Licensed Beverage Association.

”We’re hearing from a lot of bars who are talking about drops in sales ranging from 30 to 40 percent, some 80 percent,” he said. ”And some say they’ve had a 100 percent drop because they’ve had to go ahead and close their doors.”

And, now, winter is on the way.

”What’s going to happen now when people have to step outside (to smoke)? If it’s bad now,” Evans said, ”it’s going to be devastating with the cold weather.”

How many jobs lost due to smoking ban?

Tuesday, November 29th, 2005

The Hennepin County Board takes up a proposal Tuesday afternoon that would weaken the county’s smoking ban ordinance. Some opponents of the county’s current total ban on smoking in restaurants, bars and private clubs say the law is responsible for lost revenues and a loss of more than 2,000 jobs. However state unemployment numbers don’t necessarily support that claim.

We have over 2,500 jobs lost already,” says Sue Jeffers. “Over a million dollars in lost revenues every month.”

Jeffers, who says she opposes any smoking ban, says the ordinance has led to the closing of at least 40 bars. And she says it’s hurting related businesses, like her beer distributor.

“They have already eliminated one entire route,” says Jeffers. “Which is a lot of jobs, because their business was down 16 percent. It all just adds up over and over and over again.”

Hine says there are several factors that make it difficult to determine what’s behind employment trends in the restaurant and bar business. The first is getting comprehensive information on workers. Not everyone who loses a job files for unemployment, and some workers aren’t eligible. In order to file for benefits, a part-time worker has to have been employed, anywhere, for at least six months and have earned at least $1,250.

Hine says more than three-quarters of the people who work in bars and restaurants are part-time employees. He says many workers change jobs frequently and work multiple jobs.

Matthew Lamphear is the former owner of Molly Quinn’s in Minneapolis. He says the smoking ban is the main reason he went out of business. Lamphear says in fact, trouble began for him the first day the law went into effect.

“I immediately had a 25 percent drop in customers,”
says Lamphear.

Lamphear says his best customers, his smoking customers, took their business elsewhere. After three months, he began laying people off and closing his doors earlier.

Lamphear says eventually he had to close for good after he couldn’t afford to pay his bills, and vendors stopped delivering food and beer. His 27 employees had to find work elsewhere. Some, Lamphear says, are having trouble finding new jobs.

As for Lamphear, he says he’s developed a heart condition and is facing a debt of about $250,000.

“I foresee myself pushing a shopping cart, collecting aluminum cans,” he says. “I’m so broke. I don’t know that I could get a job that would pay me enough that I could pay off the remaining bills.”

Source: Minnesota Public Radio. Link

Updated Hennepin / Ramsey Hospitality closings since smoking ban implementation

Friday, November 25th, 2005

According to this 2004 end of year Star Tribune article [link expired] only 14 establishments closed in ’04…..the last full year without a smoking ban. Since implementing smoking bans the Twin Cities area has seen 150+ closings.…..the facts speak for themselves, smoking bans are very bad for business.

Minneapolis, Bloomington & St. Paul MN. hospitality establishments out of business since the smoking ban began 3/31/05…… 100 closed in 20 months.

Updated list in no particular order (includes updates from MN Monthly, Pioneer Press, Twin Cities Business Journal, KMSP 9 news, WCCO, and more)
1) Hop’s Maple Grove, MN.
2) Denny’s Restaurant Plymouth, MN.
3) Copelands Minneapolis
4) TGIF Brooklyn Center, MN.
5) TGIF Minneapolis, MN.
6) Nick & Tony’s Minneapolis, MN.
7) America’s Original Sportsbar Mall of America Bloomington, MN.
8) Jillian’s Mall of America Bloomington, MN.
9) Park Tavern Bloomington, MN.
10) Larry’s Lounge in Long Lake, MN.
11) Goodfellow’s Minneapolis, MN.
12) Chang O’Hara’s (bankruptcy protection) St. Paul (Now the Happy Gnome)
13) Mainstreet Bar & Cafe Maple Grove, MN.
14) Bilimbi Bay Minneapolis, MN.
15) Bilimbi Bay Apple Valley, MN.
16) Bilimbi Bay Eden Prairie, MN.
17) MN Sports Cafe
18) Jacobs 101 Minneapolis
19) Café Di Napoli Minneapolis
20) Majors
21) Southtown Bingo Bloomington, MN.
22) Italiani’s Plymouth, MN.
23) 3 Muses
24) 13 Moons Minneapolis, MN.
25) 510 Restaurant Minneapolis, MN.
26) Amie
27) Chez Foley Wayzata, MN
28) Chives
29) El Rey de Oro
30) Mpls. Café Minneapolis, MN.
31) Soul City Supper Club
32) Tonic of Uptown Minneapolis, MN.
33) Porter’s Minneapolis, MN.
34) Molly Quinn’s Minneapolis, MN.
35) Minnehaha Grill
36) Margarita Bella Minneapolis, MN.
37) Olive Garden
38) Knuckleheads Comedy Club Mall of America Bloomington, MN.
39) Asian Infusion, St. Paul, MN.
40) Big E.’s Soul Food, Minneapolis, MN.
41) Chet’s Taverna, St. Paul, MN.
42) Ciatti’s, Maplewood, MN.
43) Jazzmine’s, Minneapolis, MN.
44) Katsu Sushi, St. Paul, MN.
45) Le Bambou, Minneapolis
46) Mangia, Minneapolis, MN.
47) Margaux Limitée, St. Paul, MN.
48) Marketplace Café, Minneapolis, MN.
49) Red, Minneapolis, MN.
50) Rockin’ Lobster, St. Paul, MN.
51) Bobino’s Starlight Lounge, Mpls, MN.
52) Wazobia Nigerian Cafe, Minneapolis
53) Waldo’s
54) Player’s Mall of America Bloomington, MN
55) Shamrock’s W. 7th St. Paul (rumor is this one is a personal vendetta by some pro-smoking ban city council members in St. Paul against an owner who testified against the ban. In other words the city refused to extend a license on a technicality, but that’s just the rumor from some St. Paul hospitality business owners, feel free to correct me on this one Mr. Thune)
56) Mojito’s St. Louis Park, MN.
57) Stasius Bar Minneapolis, MN (reopened under new mgmt?) Bob Moffitt Communications Dir. for American Lung MN once referred to Stasiu’s as his “old stomping grounds”. I doubt he shed a tear though in realizing his role in contributing to their demise, because as the Lunger tells us no bars or restaurants have gone out of business due to the smoking bans. In fact, to hear the media & Bob tell it, none of these 76 establishments went out of business at all, they’ve simply closed their doors for an extended period of time to count all the profits that the smoking bans have bestowed upon them.
58) Little Jack’s Minneapolis story here
59) The Buttery St. Paul
60) Cracker Barrel Brooklyn Park, MN.
61) Perkins St. Louis Park, MN.
62) Howie G’s Plymouth, MN.
63) Jake’s Moundsview, MN.
64) Dixie’s Calhoun Minneapolis, MN.
65) Hamlin’s Cafe
66) Loring Grill
67) Pineda Tacos Minneapolis, MN.
68) Sidney’s Minneapolis, MN.
69) Sidney’s Minnetonka, MN.
70) Sidney’s St. Paul, MN.
71) Sidney’s Edina, MN.
72) Zeno’s Minneapolis, MN.
73) Zeno’s Eden Prairie, MN.
74) Louis XIII Edina, MN.
75) Bobino’s Minneapolis (not same as Starlight Lounge)
76) Diner Minneapolis, MN.
77) Big City Tavern
78) Tiburon Minneapolis, MN.
79) Viking Bar Minneapolis, MN. (And now for the real shocker the uber liberal Star Tribune writes a page 2 story which attributes it demise to the smoking ban…….the Star Tribune until now seemed as though they were in the pocket of pharmaceutical nicotine interests.)
80) Sharx Nightclub Minneapolis, MN.
81) Peter’s Grill Minneapolis, MN. Incidentally, Peter’s Grill was one of the establishments which was about to buy Smokeeter air cleaners from me prior to talk of the smoking bans. Thank god the city council spared them from having to make that investment.
82) Mike’s Bar St. Paul, MN (read more here)
83) Billy’s Lighthouse Long Lake, MN.
84) Over the Rainbow St. Paul, MN. (read more here)
85) Boom Minneapolis, MN. (read more here)
86) Sophia’s Minneapolis, MN.
87) Pizza Pie & I Minneapolis
88) Grandma’s Saloon & Eatery Plymouth, MN.
89) The Little Wagon Minneapolis -update: reopening 3/07 under new management
90) Ricky’s Loft Minneapolis
91) Bennigan’s Maplewood, MN.
92) Homestead Restaurant Golden Valley, MN.
93) Pickle’s Lounge St. Paul, MN.
94) LeVain Minneapolis this closing is also mentioned on their website.
95) The Carousel St. Paul, MN.
96) Irv’s Minneapolis, MN.
97) Sully’s Minneapolis “…closing Jan. 31, 2007 due to drop in business because of smoking ban…” -comment provided by Sully’s management to Clearing the Air in a telephone interview.
98) Main Event Bar Minneapolis
99) Odaa Minneapolis
100) Robert Lee Restaurant Minneapolis
101) Baja Riverside Bar & Grill Minneapolis. This article points out how a record number of closed bars & restaurants leads to a dangerous trend of unsafe neighborhoods.
102) Sports Break Bar St. Paul
103) The Quest Minneapolis (for those unfamiliar, this is one of the largest nightclubs in the Twin Cities, once owned by Prince) story here in City Pages
104) Five Restaurant & Street Lounge Minneapolis. The Star Tribune has the story here, but will typically remove the link within days…..the Star & Sickle is embarrassed that the smoking ban agenda, which they endorsed, is destroying the hospitality industry here in record numbers.
105) Auriga Minneapolis
106) Urban Wildlife Bar and Grill, Minneapolis
107) Popeye’s Minneapolis
108) All Stars Bar Spring Park, MN
109) Westrum’s Tavern Minneapolis, MN. Southwest Journal tells the story, though they don’t tell you what we all know…..Judy Westrum’s 40 year old business really began to decline once the smoking ban was enacted. The medias’ intentional suppression of the financial damages inflicted upon the people in the hospitality industry by government smoking bans is an absolute crime.
110) Decoy’s/AlleyCat, NE Minneapolis
111) Italian Pie Shoppe St. Paul, MN.
112) The Lake Inn, Minneapolis
113) Trikx St. Paul, MN closing announcement
114) Timberlodge Steakhouse Roseville
115) Andy’s Garage St. Paul, MN.
116) Fhima’s St. Paul, MN.
117) French Press St. Paul, MN.
118) Andy’s Tap Bloomington, MN. story in the Star Tribune . But true to their pro-smoking ban agenda, the Star Tribune would never report that Andy’s or any of the other 118 bars & restaurants were forced to close due to revenue losses from the smoking bans. Andy’s survived 42 years in business….suddenly and mysteriously the Strib would have you believe the customer base for Andy’s Tap just disappeared. With 42 years business experience for Andy’s, 70 years for Porter’s Bar, 40 years for Westrum’s Tavern…….it must have been an unprecedented, colossal, and historic event which forced these businesses to close; and it was………..the smoking bans.
119) Backyard Bar & Grill Bloomington, MN
120) Bridgeman’s, Richfield
121) Riverside Restaurant, Minneapolis
122) The Poodle Club, Minneapolis
123) TGI Fridays Brooklyn Park, MN.
124) Coyote Grille Brooklyn Center, MN. Mgmt. here holds no punches as they boldly report the smoking ban led to their demise more here
125) A Rebours St. Paul, MN. more here from the Pioneer Press (they (Pio Press) are known for removing their links within days)
126) Margaux St. Paul, MN. closing announcement here
127 ) Chico Chica St Paul, MN
128 ) Ruam Mit Thai St. Paul, MN
129 ) Cafe of the Americas, Minneapolis, MN
130) Willie’s Wine Bar Minneapolis, MN.
131) Old Chicago Minneapolis, MN. (Comment from a reader) Just heard on the news that Old Chicago in DT Minnepolis will close due to the “decrease of traffic in the area.” No mention of the smoking ban, but I have heard from bartenders at Old Chicago that the “decrease in traffic” started with the smoking ban.
132) Shelly’s Restaurant St. Louis Park, MN has closed as announced in the Star Tribune.
133) Roberts on 10 Maplewood, MN.
134) DD’s Cafe Crystal, MN.
135) TimberLodge Steakhouse St. Louis Park, MN.
136) DooLittle’s Plymouth, MN.
137) DooLittle’s Coon Rapids, MN.
138) TGI Friday’s Plymouth, MN.
139) Copper Bleu Lakeville, MN.
140) Pizza Nea Minneapolis, MN.
141) Rush (formerly Rodeo) Cottage Grove, MN.
142) T.F. Boonies Detroit Lakes, MN.143) Dale’s Beltrami County, MN.
144) Git R Done Beltrami County, MN.
145) Mason’s Beltrami County, MN.
146) Northwoods Steakhouse Beltrami County, MN.
147) Pour Willie’s 71 Bar Beltrami County, MN.
148) Union Station Beltrami County, MN.
149) Ember’s Mankato, MN. Co-owner Nicole couldn’t fight back tears while talking about how much she’s going to miss her co-workers and customers.
150) Larry’s Bar in Fergus Falls, MN. story here
151) The Broken Axe Moorhead, MN. Management stated by phone that the smoking ban was the greatest single contributing factor for the loss of revenue and subsequent closing. 12/31/07 was their last night of business.
152) VFW Post 8854 St. Paul, MN. (this was the last remaining VFW in St. Paul)
153) Northern Lights Bar and Grill Montevideo, MN
154) Detoy’s Family Restaunt Granite Falls, MN
155) Langesson’s Benson, MN
156)- Buffet Holdings Inc. Eagan, MN. owns Country Buffet, Ryan’s and Tahoe Joe’s brands, 626 establishments in total, files for bankruptcy.
157) – Maurer’s Parkside Lounge Rick Maurer said, “… the smoking ban dealt it a deadly blow, taking away more than a quarter of its clientele.” (the quote and link is to a Pioneer Press article 2/7/08, and as part of mainstream media’s concerted effort not to report any negative aspects of the smoking ban; is subject to be removed at any time)
158) -Back to the 50’s Ramsey, MN.
159) Don Pablo’s Minnetonka, MN.
160) 4 Alarm Bar & Grill Rockford, MN.
161) New Delhi Bar & Restaurant Minneapolis, MN.
162) Richard’s on Main Norwood / Young America, MN.
163) Emma’s Restaurant & Lounge Minneapolis, MN.
164) Cafe Limon Minneapolis, MN.
165) Chang Bang Minneapolis, MN.
166) 700 Express Minneapolis, MN.
167) Soba’s Minneapolis, MN.
168) Cafe 44 Minneapolis, MN.
169) Pane Vino Dolce Minneapolis, MN.
170) Don Pablo’s Eagan, MN.
171) Don Pablo’s Woodbury, MN.
172) Baker’s Square Plymouth, MN.
173) Oakies of Oakdale, MN. -owner Charles Senkler informed Clearing the Air “….the bottom dropped out of both food and beverage sales with the State Wide Ban…..”
174) Isabel’s Minneapolis, MN.
175) Baker’s Square Minnetonka, MN.
176) Joe’s Crab Shack Maple Grove, MN.
177) Baker’s Square Burnsville, MN.
178) Baker’s Square St. Paul, MN.
179) Baker’s Square Minneapolis, MN.
180) Baker’s Square Stillwater, MN.
181) Baker’s Square St. Anthony, MN.
182) Bentley’s Vadnais Heights, MN.
183) Bingo Plus Inver Grove Heights, MN.
184) Hillcrest Bingo St. Paul, MN.
185) Midway Bingo St. Paul, MN.
186) Cottage Grove Bingo (formerly Fantasy Cruise Bingo) Cottage Grove, MN. the closing of bingo halls due to smoking bans, documented here, is particularly damaging because bingo halls provided tens of millions back to the community in charitable funding for hockey leagues, little league baseball, etc…….not anymore; thanks to the Nicoderm special interests and the non-profits they funded. (By the way I personally designed and provided Cottage Grove Bingo a $35,000+ state of the art, air filtration system……theirs was the best of the best)
187) Romano’s Macaroni Grill Burnsville, MN.
By the way, 187 closings are approximately 1/3 of the total liquor licenses in Minneapolis…..so you can see that it is an unusually high percentage of closings that have ocurred since smoking has been banned here.
188) Passage to India Minneapolis, MN.
189) Lotus Restaurant Minneapolis, MN.
190) Temple Restaurant Minneapolis, MN.
191) Romano’s Macaroni Grill Rochester, MN.
192) Joe’s Crab Shack Roseville, MN.
193) Finnegan’s Pub Delano, MN.
194) Grandma’s Saloon Minneapolis, MN. closing 5/22/08 -The president of Grandma’s Corporation, Brian Daugherty, said legislation like the smoking ban has deteriorated the state of hospitality jobs in Minneapolis. The ironic thing here is that this quote and link comes from liberal U of M online publication the MNDaily, whose members from day one have argued that smoking bans are not to blame for hospitality closings.
195) Foundation Nightclub Minneapolis, MN.

Apparently the pro-smoking ban activists lied to lawmakers and the employees who would later lose their jobs. when they stated that smoking bans were good for business.

The pharmaceutical nicotine industry which funds non-profit organizations to lobby in favor of smoking bans, continue to tell lawmakers that smoking bans are boom for business. However, the business owners previously mentioned, and laid-off employees tell a different story.What motivates Nicoderm, Nicoderm CQ, Nicotrol, and Chantix drug makers Johnson & Johnson Company, Pfizer, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) to continue funding smoking ban efforts? Nearly $1 billion in smoking cessation products sales annually for starters.

Johnson & Johnson’s private foundation, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), has provided hundreds of millions of dollars to smoking ban lobbyists; such as the American Cancer Society, the American Lung Association, American Non-Smoker’s Rights, etc. The motive appears to be a rent seeking agenda, J & J’s wholly owned subsidiary ALZA manufactures Nicoderm and Nicoderm CQ for GSK; additionally J & J’s purchase of Pfizer home healthcare products unit means J & J also profits from Nicotrol product sales. Nicoderm, Nicoderm CQ, and Nicotrol products are alternative tobacco products, which directly benefit from smoking bans. Here in Minnesota, Blue Cross Blue Shield, as well as ClearWay MN crowed about the three-fold increase in demand for alternative nicotine products after smoking ban legislation was implemented. Perhaps a boycott of all Johnson & Johnson products is the proper response to their lack of ethical business practice.
But that’s the dilemma our local politicians find themselves in……..on the one side is the rich and powerful special interest group demanding laws that financially benefit their marketing interests…..and on the other side is the individual whose rights they were elected to uphold and serve. I guess it all comes down to a simple question: are they a servant of the people, or a slave to big money interests?

Oh…..and then there are these pesky little air quality test results that prove secondhand smoke concentrations are 2.6 – 25,000 times safer than OSHA workplace air quality standards.

It’s clearly time to reverse these anti-business smoking ban laws, in light of the fact that politicians are influenced by distorted and omitted data from the pharmaceutical nicotine industry and the non-profit organizations in their employ. Especially when you consider the tens of thousands of individuals now unemployed due to these onerous and unnecessary laws.

Source: Cleanarequality.blogspot.com. Link

State smoking ban marks 2-year anniversary

Friday, November 25th, 2005

On any given Sunday, smokers used to be puffing away inside the local Menands Diner on Broadway in Menands. The ban put an end to it and the owner, Alex Vasilakos, says business has never been the same.

Two years after the smoking ban, the small family diner is losing approximately $7,000 a month. Vasilakos says that is a lot for a small business.

Smokers used to come in and play Quick Draw while having a smoke and a cup of coffee.
The owner and workers at Menands Diner say they too enjoy a smoke-free workplace, but it comes at a price they simply can’t afford.

Source: WNYT.com. Link Expired.

Bar, eatery owners ask county to reconsider smoking ban

Friday, November 25th, 2005

Martin Duffy, owner of Duffy’s Bar and Grill in Osseo, said his income decreased 35 percent from March, the last month before the smoking restrictions went into effect, and May.

Jeff Ormond, who owns Gabby’s Saloon and Eatery in northeast Minneapolis, said he has seen his business slip 12 percent in April and 24 percent in May.

Ormond co-founded the Minneapolis Hospitality Association, a group of more than 60 bars and restaurants in Hennepin’s largest city…very business on the {MHA}list has reported losses of 10 to 50 percent of its regular monthly business in two months. He said that he has personally cut 10 of his 93 employees in the past two months.

In March, she said the VFW’s gross receipts exceeded $400,000. In April and May, she said receipts are closer to $250,000. Gambling receipts, she said, are down 46 percent. Money lost to the smoking ban, she said, is money lost for local charities.

Source: MN Sun. Link Expired

Minimum wage hike and smoking ban: a double whammy for bars and restaurants?

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2005

If you haven’t been out to a restaurant or bar in the Twin Cities lately, you might notice a few things are different. The ashtrays may be gone, the prices on the menu might be a bit higher, and fewer customers may belly up to the bar for “last call.” The changes are the result of recent laws, some of which started Aug. 1, that deeply affect the service industry. Proprietors in St. Paul have mixed reactions to those laws.

St. Paul, Minn. — The recent slate of laws started back earlier this year, when smoking bans forced many Twin Cities area bars and restaurants to go smoke-free. Ramsey County’s smoking ban affected restaurants primarily. Some proprietors say that’s led to a drop in patronage.

“The restaurant industry is at a dangerous crossroads,” Day says. “There are a lot of business owners throwing up their hands saying, ‘Why should we operate in Minnesota anymore?'”

We had to fire six or seven waitresses and two cooks,” Theodorakakos says. “We used to be open till 9 o’clock at night. We close at 3 now.”

{Unemployment} “Claims in the food service sector are up 10 to 15 percent, and that comes at a time when claims overall have been on the decrease,” Hine says.

Source: Minnesota Public Radio. Link


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