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The far left is seldom right. The far right is usually wrong. But if you stand in the middle of the road you'll be run down by mediocrity. How can you make sense of it all? By adding Quick Hitts podcasts to your intellectual arsenal. Quick Hitts are brief, pithy, and the only podcasts that get you Smartenized®. Enjoy a semi-humorous look at news, culture, science, politics, and the world around us from a somewhat disgusted, slightly amused point of view, and end up just a bit smarter than you were before.

Many otherwise excellent podcasts suffer from excessive length. That's never a problem with Quick Hitts. They're 10-20 minutes long, but that's all it takes to get Smartenized® because our patented process creates a concentrated dose of wit and wisdom in every show.

After a four year hiatus, The Quick Hitts Podcast is back. Fresh new episodes are published every other Week (or so). Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss a single one.

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The Shows


I've Got The Vapers
More than you ever wanted to know about Vapes
Quick Hitts #125

Free Speach
Reeember Free Speech? That was pretty cool, wasn't it?
Quick Hitts #124

How Well Does Trump Understand Economics?
Quick Hitts #124

The Economics of Foot Fungus
One of the resason health care is so expensive...
Quick Hitts #124

Swatting/Old Man Yells At Plant
A double episode for you.
Quick Hitts #124

Civil War
Antifa and Nazis and Confederate Statues - Are we on the verge of a new civil war
Quick Hitts #124

Progressive Eugenics
A look at the unsavory history of the progressive movement.
Quick Hitts #124

Cultural Appreciation
Woe to anyone who dares to open a restaurant if they're not the exact right color. 
Quick Hitts #123

Lost Opportunities
How much has the government really cost you?
Quick Hitts #122

Defeating Skynet
Quick Hitts #121

When artificial intelligence takes over, there's one simple way to shut it down. 
(No need for Sarah Conner to Blow Stuff Up.) 

Virtue Signaling
Quick Hitts #120

Meryl Streep wants us to show more compassion and empathy. Well, to some people.

Burn, Baby, Burn
Quick Hitts #119

A flag burning amendment we can all agree on.

The People Who Voted For Trump
Quick Hitts #118

They're not what the left claims they are.

Presidential Fantasy
Quick Hitts #117

With just days to go before the election, here is my presidential platform.

Quick Hitts #116

All the clueless people, where do they all come from? All the clueless people, where do they all belong?

Business Models
Quick Hitts #115

Some things make more sense if you think about their business models.

Steem Heat
Quick Hitts #114

There's a new social media site in town that pays you for content. Is it real or just hype?

No True Socalist
Quick Hitts #113

Lefties like to pretend socalists aren't really socalists, but they can't get away with that with Venezuela.

What Did You Expect?
Quick Hitts #112

How long did you think you could get away with this?

Hoist By Their Own Petard
Quick Hitts #111

Are gun owners more likely to be shot with their own gun than to use it to defend themseves?

Justice Theater
Quick Hitts #110

Don't run away from them. Have some fun at their expense.

Trolling Street Preachers
Quick Hitts #109

Don't run away from them. Have some fun at their expense.

Pick a Bucket
Quick Hitts #108

You have Two Buckets to pick from. Choose wisely - pick the third bucket.

Bathroom Brouhaha
Quick Hitts #107

The Importance of Peeing Ernest

Wasted Votes 2016
Quick Hitts #106

>The only watsted vote is a vote for a Democrat. Or a Republican.

Second Hand Smoke and Global Warming
Quick Hitts #106

I wouldn't be so skeptical of AGW if it weren't for second hand smoke.

Quick Hitts #105

Another study says atheists are smarter than religous people. Is it true?

Let's Plan An Economy
Quick Hitts #104

What is the Optimum Number of Chinese Restaurants in Your Town?

Congratulations Officers!
Quick Hitts #103

Congratulations Officers. You set a new record for 2015.

Trigger Warnings
Quick Hitts #102

I have a physical reaction to seeing any of my Trigger Words in print.

Constitutional Expertise
Quick Hitts #101

If you'd like to be a constitutional scholar you may be better off without a law degree.

The False Dichotomy
Quick Hitts #101

You really have more than two choices.

The 100th
Quick Hitts #100

The 100th Anniversary of the Quick Hitts Podcast.

Remembering Ronald Reagan
Quick Hitts #99

Both the left and the right are wrong about his role in ending the Cold War.

Welcome to Stupidville
Quick Hitts #98

How to add a Stupid Detector to your BS meter

Things Atheists Didn't Do
Quick Hitts #97

Things Atheists Didn't Do, from the Horrible to the Hilarious.

States Rights
Quick Hitts #96

Things are about to get very interesting in the US.

Ask Dave 2
Quick Hitts #95

All kinds of answers to all kinsd of questions.

Slippery Slope
Quick Hitts #94

Sometimes the slope really is slippery.

Quick Hitts #93

When separating fact from fiction how important is the current scientific consensus?

Understanding the Tea Party
Quick Hitts #92

Is the Tea Party our best hope for real freedom, or a bunch of whack-a-loons?

Ask Dave
Quick Hitts #91

Dave has answers to all your questions. They may not be the right answers, but they're answers.

Fox Hunting
Quick Hitts #90

If you're not watching the most hated network, you're missing something.

Quick Hitts #89

So, you failed. Now what?

The Failure of Capitalism
Quick Hitts #88

The left is delighted to blame the economic downturn on the failure of capitalism. But what failed wasn't capitalism.

The Department of Rational Thought
Quick Hitts #87

We need a new government department.

Quick Hitts #86

What lists are YOU on?

Quick Hitts #85

You're never going to understand humans until you understand just how tribal we are

Blood Witness Sampler
Quick Hitts #84

The first episode of Blood Witness

Blood Witness Promo
Quick Hitts #83

A short promo for Blood Witness

Postcards from Across The Pond
Quick Hitts #82

Excerpts from Mike Harling's new book, "Postcards from across The Pond".

Making Coffee With A Hammer -or- The Quest For Power
Quick Hitts #81

Adventures in an Ice Storm.

Smoking Bans Cause Heart Attacks
Quick Hitts #80

Using the techniques of the anti-smoking advocates, we can prove that smoking bans CAUSE heart attacks.

The Economcy Just Got Worse - For Me
Quick Hitts #79

Once again, I've joined the ranks of the unemployed. But I've got a simple solution that will slove the problem for the rest of my life.

Bullies Always Win
Quick Hitts #78

Our parents told us that bullies always lose in the long run. They lied.

The Meltdown
Quick Hitts #77

Understanding the cause of our latest economic meltdown.

The Atheists Are Comming...For Your Children
Quick Hitts #76

Fundamentalists are afraid that Atheists are going to convert their children. Here, for the first time, are instructions on how to prevent that. I'll show you step by step how you can protect your kids from the influence of evil atheists. . .like me.

If I Were In Charge
Quick Hitts #75

Anyone interested in American Politics has probably had a fantasy about what they would do if they were president. This is mine.

Healthy Kids
Quick Hitts #74

How to raise healthy kids by ignoring conventional wisdom.

Christian Nation?
Quick Hitts #73

It's time to lay waste to the claim that the US was founded as a Christian Nation.

Going Out of Business
Quick Hitts #72

We need to have a Going Out Of Business sale for most of our federal agencies

Insulting Islam
Quick Hitts #71

It's time for a little less tolerance.

Carter And The Terrorists, Sitting In A Tree...
Quick Hitts #70

Jimmy Carter, the terrorists best friend.

Healthy Savings
Quick Hitts #69

A simple method to bring the free market back to health care.

A Little Da'll Do Ya
Quick Hitts #68

Is it possible that small amounts of toxins and radiation are good for you?
More Info from Discover magazine

Government Cheese
Quick Hitts #67

The Fair Tax will solve all our problems with federal taxes. Or will it?

Swirling The Drain
Quick Hitts #66

We had another chance at liberty, and of course, we blew it.

Sickly Wikipedia
Quick Hitts #65

How accurate is the Wikipedia? Not very.

The Long Shot
Quick Hitts #64

He doesn't have much of a chance. But the odds may not be as bad as you think.

Unintended Consequences
Quick Hitts #63

Beware of good intentions. Bonus: How to celebrate the Great American Smokeout.
Mentioned in the show: Monster's Lawsuits.

Quick Hitts #62

An F. Paul Wilson story that is about to come true.
Related Links: Read a print version of the story and visit F. Paul Wilson's website.

Audio Insanity
Quick Hitts #61

You may think you've got a great audio system, but does your amplifier have LRF support?

Ya Get What Ya Pay For
Quick Hitts #60

Hotel Rooms and Congres Weasels
Mentioned in the show: Open Secrets.

Talk Nerdy To Me
Quick Hitts #59

Wizzards and faries and zombies, oh my!

It's The Law
Quick Hitts #58

There are some laws you just can't break, no matter how hard you try.

State of The Unions
Quick Hitts #57

Fun stories about those hard working Union members.

Moore Nonesense
Quick Hitts #56

According to Michael Moore all we have to do to resolve our health care issues is copy Canada, England and France. But his movie "Sicko" left out just a few facts.

The Politics of Stuff
Quick Hitts #55

If a man is not a liberal when he is 20, he has no heart. If he is still a liberal when he is 40, he has no brain. Why is that? Beucase of the Politics of Stuff.

Business Law
Quick Hitts #54

Business laws that will help you understand why things are done that way at work.
Mentioned on the show: Parkinson's Law and The Peter Principle.

Gunning for the Second Amendment
Quick Hitts #53

The Hittman proposes a new gun control law, which will work just as well as all the other gun control laws.

Bonus Episode
Quick Hitts #52

A political gab-fest with J. C. Hutchins
Mentioned on the show: J.C's site.

Biased Media
Quick Hitts #51

Of course the media is biased. You say that like it's a bad thing.

Personal History
Quick Hitts #50

How to discover them moment that a seemingly trivial decision changed your life - forever.
Mentioned in the show: Digg the Quick Hitts Podcast

Healthy Care
Quick Hitts #49

Politicians think the know how to fix health care. They are, as always, very very wrong.
Mentioned in the show: The Hittman in USA Today.

Wooden Johnsons
Quick Hitts #48

What is the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation? With such a fun sounding name, why are they such an anti-fun organization?
Mentioned in the show: RWJF's home site. Some of their projects over the years. NRT therapy.

Global Warming, Part 2
Quick Hitts #47

My opinion on Global Warming, and why it's so wimpy.
Mentioned in the show: Lumborg's Rebuttal to Scientific American (large pdf file), Dr. Heidi Cullen's demands.
Not mentioned in the show: The Hockey Stick Graph Fraud.

Global Warming, Part 1
Quick Hitts #46

We examine at the credibility and expertise of one of the most prominent pontificators on global warming, Mr. Al Gore.

D.A.R.E. - Dave's Absolutely Realistic Education
Quick Hitts #45

D.A.R.E. is extremely popular, outrageously expensive, and completely ineffective. In this episode Dave explains his method of teaching kids about drugs, a method proven to be 100% effective.

Calling Their Bluff
Quick Hitts #44

How to play poker online. Plus, poker playing advice from someone who's not very good.

Nicotine Nazis
Quick Hitts #43

It used to be appropriate to refer to the leaders of today's anti-smoker movement and Nicotine Nazis. But not any longer.
Mentioned in the show: The original Nicotine Nazis Article, The Barry Schwartz speech, The Michael Shermer speech, and Ted.

Imaginary Friends
Quick Hitts #42

Is it time for atheists to come out of the closet?
Mentioned in the show: Road Rage

I'm Scared
Quick Hitts #41

The government has frequently left me disgusted, flabbergasted and appalled, but now, for the first time, I’m actually scared.

Bonus #4
Quick Hitts #40

E-mails and voice mails from Quick Hitts Listeners. Get Smartenized by someone else for a change.

Endangered Species
Quick Hitts #39

The government efforts to save endangered species have been an expensive failure. Here’s a method that’s guaranteed to work.
Mentioned in the Show: A reprint of the Wall Street Journal article, Common Sense w/Dan Carlin

Wasted Votes
Quick Hitts #38

Can anyone tell the difference between the Democrats and the Republicans?
Mentioned in the show: Why Mommy is a Democrat, OpenSecrets.org, The Brass Figlagee

Please Bring Me a Flaming Phonebook
Quick Hitts #37

Celebrate the strangeness in your life
Mentioned in the show: 7th Son. The original Hittman Chronicle article, complete with photos of the statues.

A Level Playing Field
Quick Hitts #36

It's time to get rid of the worst idiom in the English language.
Mentioned in the show: Harrison Bergeron, The 300 Lb Jockey Poster, Point if Inquiry

Absolute Non-Scents
Quick Hitts #35

This disease will change your life, forever. And it is completely imaginary.
Mentioned in the show: Matt's Today in History

Can I Get A Witness?
Quick Hitts #34

How to have fun with preachers at your door and maybe, just maybe, do a good deed at the same time.

Brought to you by The Big Letter L. And the little one too.
Quick Hitts #33

What's the difference between a Big L Libertarian and a small L Libertarian? Also, a simple solution to help deal with busybodies.

I've Got Your Number
Quick Hitts #32

How can you make sense of the constant barrage of statistics infesting the media? By listening to this episode, and learning what they really mean, and when they’re meaningless.

Good For Your Constitution
Quick Hitts #31

How to keep congress from desecrating our constitution with a flag burning amendment.

Hey Boss
Quick Hitts #30

Borrow a technique from Improv to get your way in real life.

Who We Are
Quick Hitts #29

Going all Walter Mitty on Moussaoui’s ass.
Mentioned in the Show: The Podcast Peer Awards

Persecution Complex
Quick Hitts #28

Waaaaaah! They're picking on meeeeeeeeeee.
Mentioned in the Show: The Real Happy Hour

The Anniversary Show
Quick Hitts #27

Celebrating a year of smartenizing people.
Mentioned in the Show: Vinny's Garage

Quick Courses - Bonus Episode
Quick Hitts #26

Take a few classes with the Hittman. Also, listener mail

Can I Have A Word?
Quick Hitts #25

I'd like to know what your politics are, but I don't have much time, so would you explain them to me with just one word?
Mentioned in the show: Skepticality, The Infidel Guy, The Penn Jillette Podcast

Hasten The Demise
Quick Hitts #24

I joined the revolution by accident,. but now I look forward to its success.
Mentioned in this show: Bandtrax, a music Podcast. Larry Edoff's web site. The Blowin' Smoke Podcast.

Fixing Education
Quick Hitts #23

One very simple, very easy to implement solution for vastly improving our public education system.

Testing the Meter
Quick Hitts #22

Now that you've calibrated your BS meter, it's time to test it.

Bonus Episode - New Holiday
Quick Hitts #21

There's a new holiday in town, and half the population will be cheering for it. Plus listener e-mail.
Show Notes: Michael Waddell's rebuttals to two Quick Hitts shows can be found here. We've added a new feature: recommended podcasts. Our first recommendation is Road Rage.

The Nanny States of America
Quick Hitts #20

With each passing day we loose more freedom and choices to those who think they know what's best for us.

Oh God
Quick Hitts #19

Two solutions for dealing with the controversy over the phrase "Under God" in the pledge of allegiance. And as an added bonus, a solution to the upcoming controversy over "In God We Trust" on our money.

Weasel Words Too
Quick Hitts #18

Professional spin doctors get us to alter our own reality by adopting words and phrases of their choosing. This episode will help you counter that by recalibrating your bullshit meter.
Show Notes: The Nazi's war on smoking is discussed here. Optimize your bullshit meter with The Facts. Check out an online version of The Devil's Dictionary.

Dated for Freshness
Quick Hitts #17

Onerous laws last forever, but there is one easy way to get rid of them.

Bonus Episode

There's nothing to Smartenize® you in this one, just a story about Dolly Parton and the World's Oldest Joke, as well as some listener e-mail.
Show Notes: Here's the pinball machine graphic we attached to the MP3 File. Thanks to listener Isaac Comer who sent us this link to a page with much better pictures.

Don't Call Them Traitors
Quick Hitts #15

It's fun to mock protesters, and even more fun if you use a thesaurus, but whatever you do, don't call them traitors.

What Year Is This?
Quick Hitts #14

Reactions to woefully out of touch people, and a way to end the "Intelligent Design" debate once and for all.

Race To Blame
Quick Hitts #13

There was a bit of racism in the response to hurricane Katrina, but not where you might think.

Happiness Was
Quick Hitts #12

A four decade old Charlie Brown book shows us how much we've lost over the years.

Supreme Decisions
Quick Hitts

If we can't give him a litmus test, how about giving him a job interview? Note: The special design of this podcast allows it to be used for any Supreme Court hopeful nominated by any Republican president for the next twenty years.

Quick Clips
Quick Hitts #10

Custom bits I've done for Skepticality and The Microcasting Alliance. Learn the real reason civilization exists, how to get your own crop circles, the secret to being a journalist, how to simplify your life with the hottest new religion in decades, and a little blurb about the new Podcast Peer Awards all in a mere 13 minutes!

Reasonable Conclusions
Quick Hitts #9

We are constantly bombarded by conflicting studies telling us what is good or bad for us. Learning statistics and debunking them is too time consuming for most of us. But there is a much simpler approach.

Farewell America
Quick Hitts #8

America was a bold and noble experiment. Unfortunately, it failed.

Weasel Words
Quick Hitts #7

The constant barrage of weasel words from the left and the right and the media and advertisers and corporations and the government and religion and nanny movements can knock our bullshit meters seriously out of kilter. Tweak, recalibrate and fine tune yours with this handy podcast.

On Target
Quick Hitts #6

How to entertain yourself while working in a dull, unfulfilling job.

Come Together
Quick Hitts #5

How can we get people with different opinions, beliefs and attitudes talking, and more importantly, listening to each other? The Hittman proposes a perfect, proven solution.

Social Security for Lefties
Quick Hitts #4

Private accounts for social security are not a good idea. They're a great idea.

Rational Republicans
Quick Hitts #3

It's nearly impossible to create new political parties because of the obstructions the Republicans and the Democrats have engineered. Can we use their resources to overcome the obstacles they've put in the way?

Quick Hitts #2

A fat guy looks at the Obesity "Epidemic" and the Fat Acceptance movement.

Economics for Lefties
Quick Hitts #1

The Economics of tax cuts explained so clearly that even a lefty can understand it.

Quick Hitts Promo

A sixty second promo explaining why Quick Hitts is such a vital tool in your intellectual arsenal.

23 Seconds with Wichita

A short promo for the Quick Hitts podcast by the incomparable Wichita Rutherford.

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