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The Answers to The First Two Questions

Why did you become a cop? The most common answer: I wanted to be a hero, to come to the rescue of people who needed me. The second most common answer: My father/uncle/brother/friend was a cop, and it seemed like a decent way to make a decent living.

Which cop shows do you enjoy watching, and which ones make you throw your shoes at the TV? The answer to this was just about unanimous. They all loved Barney Miller and said it was the most realistic cop show ever, liked Hill Street Blues quite a bit, and absolutely hated everything else. They went in to great detail about the stupid blunders TV cops made. "Karl Malden on The Streets of San Francisco walks up behind a bad guy, grabs him by the shoulder, spins him around and punches him in the nose. Spins him around, can you believe it? Any cop will tell you the back of a bad guy is a beautiful thing to behold." The most despised TV cop, hands down, was William Shatner as TJ Hooker.


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