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The HittmanThe Hittman is a cranky bastard with more opinions than he knows what to do with, so he dumps some of them here, in The Hittman Chronicle. Otherwise, they tend to spill out in everyday conversation, which can be embarrassing.

Some sites occupy huge globs of your valuable time by presenting a fistful of new articles every day. The Hittman Chronicle is far more considerate and only posts a few new articles every year, and a couple of new blog entries every month. This can make web surfing much more leisurely.

Another Swirl

I created THMC to practice writing editorials and articles, learn some HTML tricks and generally amuse myself. Thatís all Ė itís not here to express some higher truth or be the most popular site on the net or make money or change the opinions of the masses. Itís just for fun. If it's not fun, I don't do it.

You'll see some inconstancy in the site, particularly when comparing old articles to newer ones. For instance, a while ago I decided that clicking on an outside link should open a new browser window, instead of opening in the current window. I should go back and fix all the old articles so that all external links work consistently. I really should. Maybe I will some day. But probably not. I'd rather work on new pages than putter around with old ones. Consider it a study in the evolution of a web site.

This magazine is much more readable thanks to the fine editing and proofreading of Rich Atkinson, who receives nothing for his services but this pathetic little announcement. Thanks, Rich.

Thanks also to a former editor, June Bishoff, who came up with the term "Smartenized® ."

When reading the articles be sure to run your mouse pointer across the graphics. You'll find quotes and remarks under quite a few of them.

Another Swirl

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Don't worry about me abusing your address - I hate spammers even more than you do.

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