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Nine Seven Things Worth Knowing

Dave Hitt

Everything I need to know I learned in Kindergarten. Like "always carry a spare NIC card in your toolbox in case intermittent packet loss causes a performance degradation on the client side."

Here are nine other things worth knowing. (Corrections and updates added 1/29/01)

  1. Religion should not be taken too seriously

  2. "Family Values" means different things to different families  (The Dysfunctional Family Circus, a parody site where people added their own captions to the incredibly pathetic "comic" strip, was removed after threats from Bottom Feeders and much whining by Bill Keane.)

  3. Someone spent seventy dollars on this domain name. This had been the hamsterdance site, which, despite haveing an album released a few months ago, is no longer available.

  4. Old Media never dies. (The Dead Media project, once a lively colleciton of information on everyting from Teddy Ruxpin to Piano Rolls, is now Dead Media. Nothing remains but a mailing list.)

  5. Two political parties are not enough

  6. There's always something new to worry about.

  7. Everyone should have a lot of sass and a little bite

  8. If you're this stupid, stay off the internet.

© 1999 Dave Hitt

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