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Getting Around the Napster Ban

Napster users who have been booted thanks to Metallica have found that they can't just create a new account. Napster keeps them out by hiding codes in their Windows registry.

There are several sites with instructions to get around this, but the clearest explanation we found was posted on Napsters own bulletin board. Napster pulled it rather quickly, but they weren't fast enough. We're pleased to post this message, in it's entirety, for our readers.


I did it! Here's how to unban yourself while still using Beta 6!

1. You'll probably need to create a new account, so click on Start, Run, type in regedit.

2. Navigate to this key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\Napster. On the right side of the window after you click on the Napster folder, delete the key that says "CurrentUser". Also delete any folders below the Napster folder. (i.e. click on the plus sign and remove all those folders that have usernames.)

3. Now do a search (ctl-f) for these things one at a time:




Delete every instance that you find of these keys. Hit F3 to continue searching. There are about 3 or 4 instances of each of these keys.

4. Reboot your system. (just in case.) This procedure worked great for me, and I hope it works on other systems as well.


Thanks to "Cryptic" for this information.

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May, 2000

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