The Hittman Chronicle

The Cider House Rules

"Goodnight, you princes of Maine.
You kings of New England."


The Cider House Rules was well written, well acted, well photographed, and well edited. The story made sense and the characters were likable and believable. There's nothing bad to say about it, but nothing made it outstanding either.

Michael Caine won an Oscar for his performance, and while it was a decent performance, there was nothing particularly difficult about it, especially for an actor with his talent. I suspect the Academy just felt that he was overdue for another award.

All of the characters had their own demons to deal with, and they dealt with them, and then the movie was over. It's a pleasant way to pass the time, nothing more or less


Stuff Blowed Up: A war movie should have more explosions than this.
Plot Holes: Gold is much heavier than that.
The military would never have resolved their AWOL status this way.

© 2000 Dave Hitt

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