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The Crow

"It's not a good day to be a bad guy."

Stuff Blowed Up:

The Crow would have propelled Brandon Lee to stardom if he hadn't been killed in the last few days of the filming. In the hands of a lesser actor this would have been just another dead-guy-comes-back-to-life-to-seek-revenge-against-his-killers-movie. But Brandon adds warmth and humanity to Eric Draven's character without making him any less fearsome or haunting. The black streets (and models) are beautifully photographed, capturing a dark mood and a gothic feel. A searing sound track adds the final bit of edginess. This is the movie Batman should have been.

The blood and guts action, clever comic-book dialog and superb acting make this an easy three and a half star pick. The last half star comes from a fairly subtle thread woven through the story. In case you miss it, the VHS version features an interview with Brandon Lee. He talks about the value of small moments, how rare they are and how none of us know exactly how many more full moons or sunrises or laughs we'll enjoy before it's all over. Filmed just a few days before his untimely death, the interview adds even more eerieness to an already dark and creepy movie.

Stuff Blowed Up: There are only a few explosions in the movie, but they're all very well done. The night time explosion of a car flying off the end of a pier is particularly effective.
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