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Demolition Man

"I'm the kinda guy who likes to sit in a greasy spoon and wonder "Gee, should I have a T-bone steak or the jumbo rack of barbecued ribs with a side order of gravy fries." I want high cholesterol. I want to eat bacon, and butter, and buckets of cheese, okay? I wanna smoke a Cuban cigar the size of Cincinnatti in the non-smoking section. I wanna run through the streets naked, with green jello all over my body, reading Playboy Magazine. Why? Because I suddenly might feel the need to, okay, pal?"

Plot Holes:
Stuff Blowed Up:

When it was first released in 1993, the PC world depicted in Demolition Man seemed too extreme to be real. Now, as the nannies and lawyers work overtime to remove every sharp edge and strong smell from the universe, it may not be extreme enough.

In the 21st century, LA as become a politically correct paradise. Swearing is forbidden, all restaurants are Taco Bell (serving small, healthy portions), and everything is so nicey-nice cops don't even carry guns.

The only problem is the underground, a group of renegades living in the sewers who want to eat meat and read porn. They are a constant source of irritation, but no real threat to society. Still, they are an imperfection in the world created by Cocteau, so he plots to get rid of them.

The plot involves unfreezing bad guy Simon Phoenix (Wesley Snipes), who has been on ice since 1997. The cops have no idea how to deal with Phoenix's violence, but fortunatly for them his arch nemisis, cop John Spartan (Sylvester Stallone), was also frozen for a crime he didn't comit. He gets thawed out to bring Pheonix to justice.

This was Sandra Bullock's first major picture. Her character is in awe of Spartan, and in real life she was in awe of Stallone. Her nervousness around him fits her character perfectly. She considers herself an expert on the history of Spartan's world, and her mangling of idioms provide some of the movies funniest lines.

Snipes has a great time playing the hell out of his role as the gleeful bad guy. The fighting scenes are typical fare, well done but nothing too original. This is a fun popcorn movie, often falling into the "wonderfully bad" category.

The really scary part is if you remove the two main characters, it just may be an accurate depiction of the kind of world we're headed for.


Plot Holes: Where is the rest of the world while all this is going on?
Why isn't there a huge black market for real food, porn, etc.?
SBU: Lots of stuff blows up, including, (as is mandatory in these kinds of movies) entire buildings both at the beginning and the end of the movie.
Shells: You'll have to see the movie to understand this raiting.


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