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Eye of the Beholder

Memorable Quote: There is no memorable quote in this movie.


Whoever designed packaging for the Eye of The Beholder video is guilty of criminally negligent fraud: the word "sucks" doesn't appear anywhere on the box.

The Eye (Ewan McGregor) is a British agent whose agency is, for some unexplained reason, full of cats. He's sent on a mission to investigate someone raiding a trust fund, and watches Joanna Eris (Ashley Judd) murder someone in cold blood. This, of course, causes him to fall in madly love with her, and he follows her from murder to murder, crisscrossing the country and collecting snow globes. Although neither of them has any source of income (he quits his job to follow her around) they have plenty of money for travel. Perhaps, off camera, they get regular visits from the Money Fairy.

He's haunted by the ghost of a daughter he's lost track of, a ghost as obnoxious as the schizophrenic brat who infests Pepsi commercials. The kid stops showing up, again for no apparent reason, about halfway through the film.

"No apparent reason" describes almost everything that happens in this rancid movie. Joanna kills without a second thought, over and over again, but for no apparent reason. He's madly in love with her for no apparent reason. The agency is full of cats, we're shown a bar with a monkey in it, and another with an iguana hanging around, for no apparent reason. This is appropriate, because there's no apparent reason to make a film this bad.

Gratuitous Nudity:  
Ashley gives us a brief flash while taking a bath. Nice Judds.

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