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Hollow Man

Gratuitous Nudity:
Stuff Blowed Up:

Spoiler Warning: This movie has so little plot any review has to give it all away.

Hollow Man opens with scientists trying to make an invisible gorilla visible again. Someone notes that the gorilla been invisible too long, and so she's going insane. At that moment we know exactly what's going to happen for the rest of the entire film.

The first half the movie is little more than a special effects show. They're good special effects, but that's not enough to impress us any more. Kevin Bacon is the arrogant scientist who, of course, takes the magic goo that makes him invisible.

The movie asks the question "What would you do if no one could see you?" A great question, one that could make for a terrific movie if they had spent more than 90 seconds on it. It turns out the answer is "rape someone." How thought provoking.

The second half of the movie is a high tech Friday The 13, with the mad scientist killing all the other campers, er, researchers. There are lots of explosions, and in the end the lab gets blown up. Of course. How else could they end a movie this trite?

Gratuitous Nudity:
I want to see Elizabeth Shue's ass, not Kevin Bacon's.
Stuff Blowed Up:
Lot's of well done explosions, but this isn't even a good stuff blowed up movie.

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