The Hittman Chronicle

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

(If you're A
Kevin Smith Fan)

(If you're not)

It's been great fun watching Kevin Smith grow as a writer/director. Clerks, created for a mere $27,000, featured bad acting, miserable photography, unforgettable characters and a terrific script. His production values improved tremendously with Mallrats, a rather forgettable John Hughes style movie. He really started to shine with Chasing Amy, a unique love story. And Dogma was a minor masterpiece.

So after doing the amateur movie, the teen movie, the love movie, and the religious movie, what's next? The Dumb Movie. All of Smiths movies are crude, rude and lewd (that's part of their appeal) but they've also told stories, stories that made a point or two.  The crudeness, lewdness and rudeness are still there in J&SBSB, but the story is stupid and pointless.

The humor is inconsistant. The sequel of Good Will Hunting - in which Matt Damon really hunts, was hilarious, the Scoobee Doo bit was great, and wait, that's it. Most of the jokes were predictable (did anyone not see ET coming the moment he put the monkey in the bicycle basket?) and/or stale.

If you've never seen a Kevin Smith film, skip this one and rent Chasing Amy or Dogma. If you're a fan, like me, you'll want to see it, but you may be disappointed. I don't have anything against Dumb Movies, but I've come to expect a lot more from Smith.

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