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The Love Letter


Ideally a romantic comedy should have lots of romance and lots of comedy. At the very least it should have some romance and some comedy. This dreadful movie has neither.

Kate Capshaw stars as Helen, a boring person with a boring job in a boring town. She she finds an unsigned love letter that's as sappy as the rest of the script. Thinking it was written to her, she hops in the sack with a kid half her age. As the movie drags on other people find the letter, read it (over and over again), think it's written to them, and have lackluster responses to it. The movie dribbles on, trying to build our interest in the mystery of the author, but failing miserably. The revelation of the author's identity is supposed to be both surprising and shocking. It's neither, and by the time it happens the audience is too bored to care.

In a feeble attempt to give this thing some star power, Tom Selleck and Ellen DeGeneris were given top billing for their bit parts. Neither of them can rescue it. Ellen, the only person in the film with a personality, manages to toss off a few mildly humorous lines. Selleck sleepwalks through his role, as if he's even more bored with his part than the audience is with the movie.

Although it was obivously designed as a chick flick, with plenty of sappy emotion slathered on, it fails there too.

There are no buttons to buy this movie, because no one should.

© 2000 Dave Hitt

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