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The Mummy

Stuff Blowed Up:

Hearken back to the days of yore, when a quarter would buy you a double feature, popcorn had real butter on it instead of some vile yellow goo, and monsters were simple creatures that just wanted to kill everyone. Now, take one of the best of those monsters, give him a bit more personality, much better special effects, and the same simplistic plot with just a few extra embellishments, and you've got the latest version of The Mummy.

Two teams of archeologists are searching for fame and treasure, and one of the good guys accidentally brings The Mummy back to life. A mere shell of his former self, The Mummy has to kill and consume people to get better. The good guys fight him, lose, win, lose, etc., until the final climatic seine, where everyone, including the mummy, gets what they deserve.

The Mummy works because it never pretends to be anything more than a stupid popcorn movie, an Indiana Jones style romp through the tombs. The story is predictable (did you really think the mummy would win?), the effects are spectacular, and the whole thing is just great dumb fun


Stuff Blowed Up: Stuff that doesn't blow up falls over, collapses, gets sucked into the sand, etc.

© 2001 Dave Hitt

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