The Hittman Chronicle

Nurse Betty


Betty Sizemore waits tables in a diner, stuck in a dead end job with a dead end marriage.  Her only escape is soap opera that she watches religiously.  After witnessing a brutal murder she snaps, and becomes convinced that she is Nurse Betty, the ex-lover of the soap's Dr. David Ravell.  She drives off in her husband's car to find him, unaware that it contains the treasure the murderers are searching for.   

She travels across the country unaware that she's being perused by both the murders and her friends. She eventually finds her dream doctor about the same time everyone finds her, leading to a somewhat implausible but satisfying ending. 

Most of the performances are very good, and a few are outstanding.  Renee Zellweger somehow manages to make Betty naive and vulnerable without ever being weak.  Chris Rock and Morgan Freeman, as the hitmen, play off each other well.  Chris is impulsive to the point of being stupid, while Freeman is the wise old bull, laid back, taking one thing at a time. 

Despite the silly ending, the ride there is great fun. 

© 2003 Dave Hitt

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