The Hittman Chronicle

Random Hearts


Dutch (Harrison Ford) is an internal affairs cop on thin ice in his department. He launches his own investigation when a plane carrying his wife crashes in the bay. He meets Kay (Kristin Scott Thomas) who is running for office and trying to avoid admitting that her husband was having an affair with Dutch's wife. Their first meeting is a disaster, so we know that they'll end up having an affair. They do. Ho hum.

Designed as a chick flick with some occasional action thrown in to keep the men awake, Random Hearts drags on for more than two hours. It would have been much better if the opening and closing credits were closer to each other. At least 45 minutes of this movie belongs on the cutting room floor. No amount of editing could have made this a great film, but some serious chopping would have made it more bearable.

© 2000 Dave Hitt

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