The Hittman Chronicle


"They called me Mr. Glass."


David Dunn (Bruce Willis) is the only survivor of a horrible train crash. Everyone else on the train has been mangled, but he doesn't have a mark on him. He begins to realize that something strange is going on. He can never recall being sick, and has only had one injury in his life.

He meets up with Elijah Price (played magnificently by Samuel L. Jackson), a comic book collector with a rare disease that makes his bones incredibly fragile. Price has been looking for Dunn, concluding that if nature makes someone who shatters easily, it could also make someone who is unbreakable.

The movie takes it's time getting to the ending, using photography more than dialogue to tell the story. There's not much action, it's more of a slow, subtle, Hitchcock style buildup. When we get to the conclusion and are hit with the surprise ending, we realize that we weren't just given hints about it through the whole movie, but we were practically told outright what was going on, and didn't see it. It's very satisfying to be so well fooled by such a finely crafted movie.

© 2002 Dave Hitt

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