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Our hearts go out to the thousands of our fellow citizens who were murdered by cowards with souls so dark and shriveled it is difficult to comprehend. Our deepest sympathies go out to hundreds of thousands who have lost loved ones and friends; we are literally crying along with you. We can only hope that our leaders have the courage to retaliate with a vengeance so powerful and terrible that our enemies will quiver at the thought anyone attacking us again.

In the months to come we will face many difficult decisions. One of them will be the question of rebuilding the World Trade Center. Many will argue that it is an invitation to further acts of terrorism, and we should simply erect a monument to the innocents and heroes who died in the rubble. But what would be a more fitting monument than to rebuild something even grander in its place? I respectfully suggest that we rebuild not just replacement towers, but something twice the size, four towers, no, make it five towers, the likes of which the world has never seen. And the tallest one, the one dedicated to everyone who has died in the attack and who will die in the retaliation, will send an unmistakable message to our enemies.


World Trade Tower Skyline Picture

September, 2001


© 2001 Dave Hitt

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