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The Podcast Peer Awards ran twice a year from September 2006 to September 2008. It was the toughest competition in podcasting. Shows were judged by over 500 podcasters in a plethora of rotating categories. Some contests were close, with the winners taking the trophy by one or two votes. Others won by a wide lead. All of them are great shows that beat out tens out thousands of other podcasts to win the prize.

The awards have been retired, but this site remains as a tribute to the great podcasts that came out on top. Check out the Winners pages and you're sure to discover some great shows you might have otherwise missed.

Podcast Listeners

Many of the winners and finalists aren't found in top ten lists. The Podcast Peer Awards can help you find great shows that would otherwise be under your radar. Every past winner and nominee is listed on the site. A few minutes of exploring will uncover a treasure trove of shows you'll come to love.

You'll find links to past contests on the Winners page.


Podcast Peer Awards Members

Thanks for your support, donations, and participation over the years. It was a blast.

Other Projects

The Podcast Peer Awards were designed and managed by Dave Hitt. You can find more of Dave's writings, podcasts and projects at DaveHitt.com