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Buy Plaques or Additional Trophies

Winners are awarded one trophy free of charge. But what if several people work on a show? What if you want an extra trophy or two so you can adorn various haunts? We're now offering additional microphone trophies for just $24.99, which includes shipping and handeling. (Trophies are only available to PPA winners.)

Please note: if this is being shipped outside of the USA we may need to charge additional S&H.



Shouldn't finalists be able to show off? What if you're a winner but would like something other than a trophy?

In association with The Podcast Pickle, we're pleased to offer these very classy plaques. They're beautifully designed and reasonably priced, and are available to both winners and finalists. Visit this page to order directly from The Pickle. At these prices, you can afford two - one for the home and one for the office. Or three, even.

Click here to buy a plaque.


Graphics for Web Pages

Right click and save the picture, then upload it to your site. (Please don't hot-link to these images.)

Graphics for PPA 5

Graphics for PPA 4

Graphics for PPA 3

Graphics for PPA 2

Many Thanks to Andrew McPhee for designing these.

Graphics for PPA 1

144 Pixels

100 Pixels

144 Pixels

100 Pixels

Add text under the image to show the category, like this:

Best Arts/Entertainment

The color of this text is #446689

Please link graphics to the home page of the PPA. If you're a finalist or a winner, feel free to use the graphic however and wherever you like - on your page, in your MP3 files, in promo materials, as an avatar, in the signature files in every forum you visit, painted on the side of your house, etc.