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Podcast Peer Award Contest Rules

  • Sponsors of the awards, and their immediate families, and employees of the PPA, are not eligible for awards. This applies to companies and organizations that sponsor the awards or an award category. It does not apply to people or organizations that purchase ad space on our pages without sponsoring awards.

  • Podcastsers may join the PPA if they've done a minimum of six podcasts (Audio or Video) and have been podcasting for three months.

  • We reserve the right to refuse membership to anyone.

  • Rules and polices are set by PPA members in the forum, either by general consensus or direct vote.

The Contest

  • The Podcast Peer Awards are given out twice a year. Each category is only awarded once per year.

  • Award categories are selected by PPA members.

  • Members and non-members of the PPA are eligible to receive awards.

  • After categories are selected, members nominate podcasts. Any member may nominate any show for any category.

  • Members vote for or against nominated shows. A show's score is the number of yes votes minus the number of no votes. A score of +5 is necessary for a show to qualify as a finalist.

  • At the end of the nomination period the top five qualifying shows in each category will become finalists. Categories that do not have at least three qualifying shows will be retired for the current round.

  • PPA members vote for the winner!