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The Truth. The phrase sounds noble, solid and immutable. Once you arrive at The Truth your search is over. No one can argue with The Truth. Our courts claim it is their objective. Our journalists say they dig for it. Our religious leaders teach that it will set us free.

But people on both sides of every argument insist that they are telling The Truth. Politicians and other criminals swear to tell The Truth, the Whole Truth, and nothing but The Truth just before giving outrageously dishonest testimony. News programs blow up trucks with model rocket engines, then proudly display the journalism awards they've won for bringing us The Truth. Modern day snake-oil salesmen promise their high-priced, useless cures will restore our health. Thousands of backwater Bible thumpers assure their congregations they alone know The Truth, and that all their fellow thumpers, who also claim to know The Truth, are truly dupes of the devil.

Perhaps The Truth isn't as absolute as we assume it is. It's always colored by our perceptions. If I tell you my wife is beautiful, that's the truth. If you disagree with me, does that make you a liar? And if Truth is not absolute, what can we rely on?

The web site thetruth.com claims to offer The Truth about tobacco. They're really offering a smattering of facts mixed in with a great deal of propaganda and quite a few outright lies. We offer the antidote for their "truth." No, not our version of The Truth; that would make us as suspect as they are. We offer something that no imitation truth can stand up to. We offer The Facts.

Facts are stubborn things. Facts are verifible. Facts don't change with the political mood. Once you know The Facts, The Truth becomes obvious.

Fact: This site is designed as an aid for those who wish to fight the growing nanny movement in the US and elsewhere. Although we retain the copyright to these pages, we encourage people to copy them and spread them around. You're free to use them, in whole or in part. We'd appreicate if if you credit the source, with a link to these pages, but it is not required.

Fact: We've put a great deal of effort into making sure everything labeled "Fact" is as accurate as possible. The data and information has been checked and rechecked by people with expertise in several different fields. But we're human, so some mistakes may have slipped through. If you find any of our facts in error please let us know immediately, and we'll correct them. When pointing out errors, please provide a reference that shows us our mistake, preferably an online reference from a reliable source.

Beware of those claiming to have The Truth, all neatly packaged for your convenience. They are usually selling you a pack of lies. Instead of searching for The Truth, learn The Facts. Once you know the facts, it's easy to figure out the truth yourself.


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Attribution and Links are appreciated but not required.

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