"You can never get all the facts from just one newspaper, and unless you have all the facts,
you cannot make proper judgments about what is going on." - Harry S. Truman

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"The Facts" is part of davehitt.com, which started life as The Hittman Chronicle. The Hittman Chronicle been retired, but is still available, including several article about SHS, including:

Name Three I wrote to the leading anti-smoker organizations and activists with a simple request - name three people who have died of second hand smoke. Only one (James Repace) even tried. He sent me fraudulent information.

Reasonable Conclusions You don't need to be a farmer to know if an apple is rotten. You don't need an advanced degree in statistics to spot fraud. You can usually do it by asking one simple question .

The New Racists Understanding the Nanny mind.

Homebody How smoking bans kill business.

Cops Always Have the Best Marlboro's A modest proposal for the tobacco companies

The Only Way to Stop Teen Smoking Kids smoke because it's cool. The harder you fight it the cooler it seems to them. But there are ways to make them toss their smokes away in disgust…

Check out The Quick Hitts Podcast, an occasional podcast that sometimes covers smoking issues. Episodes that deal with this issue include "Come Together," "Reasonable Conclusions," "Nicotine Nazis" and "Wooden Johnsons." In addition, the "I've Got Your Number" episode is an audio version of the information on the Statistics 101 and 102 pages on this site.

My most recent articles, on a variety of subjects, can be found on the Quick Hitts Blog,

Links to The Good Guys

Every week "The Property Rights Newsletter" provides one fresh, crisp page of links to interesting stories and web sites. Most of them deal with the war on smokers, but they also include information that will interest anyone concerned with the erosion of rights. Their past articles are a treasure trove of information. Want a simple explanation of how antis work? You'll find it here.

No one beats Forces for the sheer volume of information available. The site is so large it can be difficult to find your way around it, but if it has to do with smoking or smoker's rights, you can usually find it here. They have an enormous amount of information on SHS available. You'll find links to local chapters of Forces here as well. The site features an in-your-face attitude and a biting sense of humor. Expect your visit here to take a while.

"Dissecting Anti-Smokers Brains" examines at the motivations of the anti-smokers, but I found the most valuable part was the appendixes, which make up nearly half the book. It's chock full of information on the subject of anti-smokers, junk science, and what studies really show.

Larry Colby has published "In Defense of Smokers" on the web. Although I disagree with some of Larry's conclusions, it's a good read that debunks of many of the anti-smokers' oft repeated myths.

"For Your Own Good" by Jacob Sullum (who, by the way, is a nonsmoker) details the history of the nanny movement from the first use of tobacco to the present day in an engaging, entertaining manner.

Overlawyered.com will make you laugh. And make you cry. Walter Olson does a terrific job of documenting the latest excesses of the legal profession including, of course, tobacco lawsuits.

And just for fun, download the MP3 file "The Undercover Smoke Police" by The Intended. You can find the lyrics here.

Links to Hate Groups

One of the most hateful anti-smokers group is ASH, Action on Smoking and Health. Their primary purpose seems to be harassing smokers for sport. Are you in the middle of a messy custody battle? They'll be delighted to help you make it messier. You will, of course, have to send them money. Don't like a smoker in your apartment building? They offer information (again, for a price) get him put on the street. Warning: these pages are garish and butt ugly.

Dr. Stanton Glantz has a history of misrepresenting, misinterpreting, and outright lying about data. This qualifies him to be a professor at the University of California. He founded Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights, a service that provides reams of junk science to nanny activists. He provides a step by step action plan, which includes using the threat of lawsuits, for getting smokers kicked out of their homes.

The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids holds seminars on how to lie to the public. In this document they state: "Research shows that a compelling story will beat true facts, even when the listener knows ahead of time that the story is fiction and the facts are true."

Odds and Ends

And last of all, a few articles and editorials worth reading for both enlightenment and entertainment.

Nicotine Nannies are nothing new. Mark Twain's scathing reply to their nonsense could have been written yesterday.

I Am A Smoker by Carina Chocano. I love this article.

Want to Smoke? Go to Hamburg by Joe Jackson

The Smoking Issue by Joe Jackson, a follow-up to the previous article.



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