April 1, 1999
The Hittman Chronicle
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A Journal of One Man's Opinion gives you four web sites for the price of one. Along with The Hittman Chronicle, you also get:

Quick Hitts
The New Improved Quick Hitts Blog. With new articles several times a week, this is the most frequently updated part of the site.

The Quick Hitts Podcast
Your own portable Hittman helps you get Smartenized® on the go. New shows every two weeks..

The Facts
Learn the facts about Second Hand Smoke, and how to criticaly examine medical studies of all sorts.

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It's Time for a Little Less Tolerance

Wooden Johnsons
Just how sick is Sicko? Find out what Mikey left out of his movie.

Wooden Johnsons
They have such a fun name. Why are they such an anti-fun orgnization?

What Year is This?
Reactions to woefully out of touch people.

R.I.P. America
America was a noble experiment. Unfortunately, the experiment has failed.

Rational Republicans
How the Hittman, while searching for podcasts worth listening to, succumbed to the temptation to create his own.

Reasonable Conclusions
Investigating medical claims can require a great deal of time and a degree in epidemiology. But there is a much simpler way to figure out if claims are legitimate or bogus.

Name Three

Nicotine Nannies claim second hand smoke kills more than 65,000 people every year. I contacted some of them and asked them to name three. They were all tongue tied except for two, who lied.

Moniker Madness

We sell stadium names to the highest bidder, why not do the same for members of congress?


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