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Congratulations to the winners of PPA2, the Winter '07 Podcast Peer Awards.

These are the shows that have been voted the best of the best by over 500 podcasters.

The other finalists, who went through a difficult process to make the list, are no slouches either, so be sure to check them out.

Favorite Video Podcast

Winner: Ask A Ninja

Other Finalists:
How To With Madeline Merced
The Show with ZeFrank

Best Video Production

Winner: Tiki Bar TV

Other Finalists:
Sam Has 7 Friends
Geek Brief
How To With Madeline Merced

Best Comedy Video

Winner: Ask A Ninja

Other Finalists:
Goodnight Burbank
Tiki Bar TV
Cult of UHF

Best Audioblog

Winner: The Bitterest Pill

Other Finalists:
Barely Podcasting
Twisted Pickle
Poddog Show
Geek Acres

Best Newbee
Shows that were 4 months old or less
when they were nominated

Winner: Desperate Husbands

Other Finalists:
Ask Lyndon
Lipstick Aliens
Dry Shave
Steve's Midlife Crisis

Best Parenting Podcast

Winner: Manic Mommies

Other Finalists:
Dancing with Elephants

101 Uses for Baby Wipes
Two Boobs and A Baby

Best Public Service Podcast

Winner: Mostly News

Other Finalists:
KC Weather
Upon Further Review
Electric Sky

Best Education Podcast

Winner: Grammar Girl

Other Finalists:
Critical Literacy In Practice (CLIP)
Just One More Book
Matt's Today in History

Best Poetry Podcast

Winner: Little Red's Writing Hood

Other Finalists:
Cloudy Day Art
Slam Idol
Indiefeed Performance Poetry
Everyday Muse
Mike McGee
Homegrown Poetry

Best CoupleCast

Winner: The Wicked Good Podcast

Other Finalists:
The Big Show
Me and The Bean
Jawbone Radio

Best Podiobook

Winner: 7th Son

Other Finalists:
Nina Kimberly The Merciless
The Rookie

Best Hobby Podcast

Winner: A Cub Scouting Adventure

Other Finalists:
Tips From The Top Floor

Best Fiction Podcast

Winner: The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd

Other Finalists:
Planet Retcon

Best Fan Podcast

Winner: Love Long and Prosper

Other Finalists:
My Marilyn
Love Long and Prosper
Mrs. B's Patriot World
The Pottercast
The Signal

Best Podcasting Host

Winner: Libsyn

Other Finalists:

Best Directory

Winner: Podcast Pickle

Other Finalists:
Podcast Alley