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Spring '08

Congratulations to the winners of the Spring '08 Podcast Peer Awards.

The winners and finalists were selected by over 500 podcasters, making this the best list of the very best podcasts.

Best Couple Cast

Winner: Redboy Podcast featuring Absolute Amy

Other Finalists:

Love Long and Prosper
Wicked Good Podcast
Kids, Wife, Work, Life

Best Geek Podcast

Winner: GeekFit

Other Finalists:

Geek Acres!
Better L8 Than Never
Geek Fu Morning Show
Two Geeks a Mic and a Podcast

Best Eclectic Podcast

Winner: Podculture

Other Finalists:
Sturgeon's Law
The Eclectic Review
Steve's MidLife Crisis

Best Fancast

Winner: Love Long and Prosper

Other Finalists:
A Window to the Magic
Undead America
Upside Down & Halfway to Happyland

Best Audio Blog

Winner: Shelly's Podcast

Other Finalists:
Steve's Midlife Crisis
Atomic Suburbia
Barely Podcasting
Just Not Right

Old School
(Shows that have been podcasting
for two years or longer)

Winner: I Should be Writing

Other Finalists:
Little Red's Writing Hood
Redboy Podcast featuring Absolute Amy
The Big Show

Best Parenting Podcast

Winner: Mighty Mommy

Other Finalists:
Two Boobs and a Baby
Dancing with Elephants

Best Newbee Podcast
(Shows that are four months old or less)

Winner: Transformed!

Other Finalists:
Life of Spaguys's Wife
For Whatever Reason

Best Audio Drama

Winner: Buffy Between the Lines

Other Finalists:
The Red Panda
Decoder Ring Theatre
Firefly: Old Wounds
Children of The Gods

Best Tech Podcast

Winner: TWiT

Other Finalists:

Typical Mac User
The HD Podcast

Exceptional Podcaster

Winner: Tabitha Grace Smith
(Strangely Literal,
Buffy Between the Lines,
and Others.)

Other Finalists:
Shelly Brisbin
(Shelly's Podcast)


Mark Blevis
( Canadian Podcast Buffet
Electric Sky
And Others)

(Barely Podcasting)