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Making Coffee With A Hammer -or- The Quest For Power »

(This post, with just a bit more embellishment, is now available as a podcast.) Thursday night an ice storm hit the Northeast. Power flicked off and on a bit, but didn’t go off, and we went to bed. Friday morning, about 5:30, we were awakened by a squeal from the cellar. All the power was […]


You Wouldn’t Buy Our Shitty Cars . . . »

No comentary neccssary. This is perfect as is. Source


Smoking Bans Cause Heart Attacks »

(This article is also available as an episode of the Quick Hitts Podcast, with a bit more commentary.) It started with the Helena fraud.  The city of Helena, Colorado, instituted a smoking ban, and then rescinded it six months later.  Two “researchers” claimed that during while the ban was in place heart attack admissions dropped […]


Internet Video – But First, a Word From Our Sponsor »

I visited the Discover site to see the outakes and extras for Mythbusters.  Most were only a few minutes long, but every one started with a 30 second commercial that couldn’t be bypassed.  I watched a couple of clips, and left, never to return. I’m seeing this more and more on video sites.  First it […]


P.J. O’Rourke on the Demise of Conservatism »

I’ve been a fan of O’Rourke’s since back when the National Lampoon was funny.  His articles  on world politics have always been not only insightful, but funny as hell.  It’s not often you can get Smartenized while laughing.  His article “We Blew It” is generating a fair amount of buzz, but I wanted to point […]


Shark, meet Heroes. Heroes, Shark. Ready? Jump! »

I’ve been watching Heroes since the first episode, more or less enjoying it, but I don’t know how much longer I’ll bother. The most recent episode, a two-parter, really jumped the shark. The show has been an interesting rip off of X-Men, but has had problems from the beginning. They introduced so many characters with […]