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Turn Violent Video Games into Free Money From Dumb People »

Southington, Connecticut, thinks they have a solution to violence. They’re offering a $25 gift card for every violent video game that’s turned in. The games will be incinerated, probably just with matches, although it would be much cooler if they destroyed them with a flamethrower or a BFG. They don’t define what makes a game […]

Keep The Bird »

I like PBS. I watched Cosmos as a youngster and it filled me with wonder and helped fuel my love of science. I thought Julia Child was a hoot, and she helped inspire my love of cooking. Sesame Street wasn’t around when I was a kid, but my kids loved it and I enjoyed watching […]

Beware of Mark Bittman and People Like Him »

Many years ago some of us were sounding the warning that once the Nicotine Nazis mastered their blueprint for vilifying and marginalizing smokers, other nannies, with different agendas, would use that blueprint to force compliance with their cause. Those predictions have come true, and now the country’s foremost nanny movement wants to control our diets. […]

Kill The Messenger »

After Standard & Poor downgraded the credit rating of the US, the government announced they were investigating S&P for “improper ratings.” What a punk-ass move. They claim the investigation started before the downgrade. I’m guessing that several months ago, somewhere in the bowels of the government, a conversation took place between a few government weasels. […]

A Not So Bright Idea »

I’m not surprised that the federal government is telling us what kind of light bulbs we can use. There is no aspect of our lives too trivial for them to meddle in and no excuse too ludicrous for them to use as justification. It’s disheartening to see how many Americans United Statists think this is […]

Five Ways to Make Visitors Bolt From Your Site »

Congratulations. Out of a trillion web pages, I’m visiting one of yours. You’ve got an opportunity to show me something, sell me something, enlighten, amuse or entertain me. It’s a shame I left within seconds because you did something stupid. Most of these tricks have been around long enough that they’ve been discussed to death, […]

Mass Transit Musings »

Three governors have wisely turned down federal money for High Speed Rail projects.  They know accepting it will cost them billions, and probably tens of billions, in cost overruns for a project that will create enormous, but speedy, white elephants. Progressives (i.e. socialists)  all pissy about these decisions.  But then, the left has always been […]