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It Has Nothing To Do With Race or Misogyny, You Wingnut »

Wokeness started infesting America about the time Hillary ascended to power. Every time anyone criticized any of her actions or policies the standard Woke reply was, “So you don’t like strong women?” No, I love strong women, but I despise corruption and dishonesty, regardless of the sex of who is practicing it. When Obama took […]

7th Son Released Next Tuesday »

It starts with an eight year old assassinating the president of the United States.  Then 7 men are kidnapped from various places in the country and brought to a secret underground facility.  They discover they all have the same name, and the same face. Then it gets weird. J. C. Hutchen’s 7th Son was the […]

How to Fix the CA Economy »

This is an absolutely brilliant plan to fix California’s economy.  After inventing a pesticide that’s good for people, she’ll have farmers food on fruit trees and vegetable trees.  It will be free, except for paying the farmers, who have to pay rent, although their land should be free. . . Confused?  Just watch this and […]

LMO Takes Over the Networks »

When Obama made his Wednesday night speech he asked the four major networks to cover it.  ABC, CBS and NBC did.  Of course.  Fox elected to run it’s regular programming.  Of course. Back in the days before cable and Tivo, when there where only three networks we captured with rabbit ears covered with aluminum foil, […]

Using Status – The Latest Issue of The Smartenizer »

The latest issue of The Smartenizer will be published in just a few hours. Sign up now and learn how to use status manipulation to get your way accomplish things.

And now for Something Completely The Same (except better looking) »

Welcome to the Quick Hitts Blog, the only blog that gets you Smartenized® I’ve been doing the Quick Hitts blog for about two years. Sometimes I’d update it once in a while, sometimes even less, because I did the whole thing by hand and, while it wasn’t difficult, it was a minor PITA and by […]