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Oh come ON »

Recently, when replying to a comment here, I was presented with this reCAPTCHA.

Banana Man »

Banana Man It’s nine AM on a Sunday The regular crowd shuffles in With their bibles in hand they fill up the stands I wish the girls showed some more skin They say Kirk can you tell me a fairy tale On TV and blogs and YouTube Say something cute about tropical fruit And prove […]

Happy Easter »

Our improv troupe always spent a fair amount of time and effort designing and distributing posters, despite the fact that they increased show attendance by approximatly none. Here’s one we did when for a show just before Easter.   (Click to see it full size)   Artwork: Harold Gosling

Farewell Peter Bergman »

We lost one of the great ones this week – Peter Bergman, the greatest comic most of you have never heard of. Peter was a member of Firesign Theatre, a four man troupe that created some of the funniest, strangest, and best comedy of the late sixties and early seventies. Although they’ve continued to release […]

The Real Pledge »

Occasionally I’ll see a video that’s so perfect any further comentary would only distract from it.

Atheists Ain’t Got No Songs »

Until now.