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The Quick Hitts Podcast is Back »

After a four-year podfade, the Quick Hitts podcast is back! Since the show faded, a lot of folks have asked about it returning. Some of you even pleaded for it. (Actual quote: “Please, please, PLEASE bring it back.”) So I conducted an experiment. My plan was to do six shows – a minimum of one […]

New Podcast: False Dichotomy »

It’s time for that rarest of things, a new Quick Hitts Podcast.  False Dichotomy explores why changing the party in power doesn’t really change a damn thing.

Remembering Ronald Reagan »

A new Quick Hitts podcast, Remembering Ronald Reagan, is available. The left are completely wrong about his role in ending the cold war.  On the flip side, the right is also wrong about it.  You can get smartenized on the subject, as well as understand the historical context for the hero worship, in a mere 15 minutes. Feel free to […]

Welcome to Stupidville »

(Alternate Title: What It Means When I say “Have A Good Day” and Exit The Debate.) I don’t know if stupid people are becoming more plentiful or I’m just getting better at spotting them.  I suspect it’s a little of both. I’m not talking about legitimate differences of opinion here, but sheer stupidity that cannot […]

How Important is Consensus? »

In 1973, I was a high school senior filling my schedule with easy classes. The cult I was in had been teaching me public speaking since I was 12, so I took a public speaking class to get an easy A. My final speech, for my final grade, was about why evolution was wrong and […]

Figuring out the Tea Party »

Check out the latest Quick Hitts Podcast: Figuring Our The Tea Party. Are they a great thing that will save us from creeping socialism, or a mass of misfits and whack-a-loons?

New Quick Hitts Podcast – Ask Dave »

The newest Quick Hitts Podcast, “Ask Dave,” is now available for your listening pleasure.  It explains how people can believe the earth is 6,000 years old, why parents should buy red washcloths, and things to consider before naming your baby “Thor.”