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Another List of Things Atheists Didn’t Do »

Here’s yet more entires in the ongoing, and apparently endless, list of Things Atheists Didn’t Do. Next time someone makes the idiotic claim that atheists are more immoral than the religious, refer to to these handy lists. Everything in them, from the horrific to the hilarious, was inspired by superstition and ridiculous religious beliefs, which don’t encumber atheists. We start with […]

Yet Another list of Things Atheists Didn’t Do »

Gunther Link, 45, was stuck in an elevator.  As soon as he was rescued he ran to church to thank his God.  His God then crushed him under an 860 pound stone altar.  That God dude is such a practical joker. An atheist would have thanked his rescuers instead. God also sent 117 people to […]

Imagine 2010 »

In 1971 John Lennon asked us to Imagine a few things, including a world with no religion. In 2010 it inspired this poem and video, which is powerful enough that any commentary I could add would only be a distraction.

Can We Stop Being Afraid Now? »

The details of the NYC Wannabomber reads like a Pink Panther script.  He created a Rube Goldberg bomb that had no chance of working, then cleverly left the keys to his getaway vehicle in the bomb car. Anyone reading this blog could have searched Google and in fifteen minutes collected dozens of different designs for […]

The Neverending Story »

I usually try to mix things up in the Things Atheists Didn’t Do stories.  I’ll list different religions and mix a few silly, amusing things in with the horrific crimes committed in the name of a god.  But the mess in the Catholic Church has resulted in so many bizarre stories it deserves a post […]

Things Atheists Didn’t Do in 2009, Part 2 »

As promised, here’s the second half of the TADD list from 2009.  This are culled from the second half of last years leftover bookmarks.  They document all kinds of things things done by believers, from the horrific to the hilarious. A group of 35 clerics in Saudi Arabia has declared that no woman should ever […]

Things Atheists Didn’t Do in 2009 – Part 1 »

I’ve got a lot of 2009 links left over for the ever-popular Things Atheists Didn’t Do series.  Here’s the first half of the list.    (You can find other TADD here.) This one is actually from 2008.  (I have so many of these things saved sometimes they  get lost.)  Three Christian parents murdered their children by […]