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Bernie Sanders is Right About One Thing. Maybe Two. »

Bernie Sanders is very good at pointing out problems. A few of his favorites are imaginary, but most are real, and all of them have been created by big government. Bernie has a way of expressing them in a way that appeals to our inherent class envy. Bernie’s solutions will make things far worse. Maybe […]

Move To Somalia »

When someone says “Move To Somalia” don’t waste your time replying to them. Just send them this link and move on.

Justice Theater »

To outward appearances, the US has one justice system that serves everyone. But if you pay close attention, you’ll see that it’s a two-tier system which operates differently depending on who is being processed through it. Tier 1 is reserved for police officers. (Politicians and the very wealthy may also receive Tier 1 treatment, although […]

Why Mandatory Labeling for GMOs is a Very Bad Idea »

Over the past twenty years, billions of people have eaten trillions of meals containing GMOs. Among all those people eating all those meals, GMOers can’t point to a single instance of anyone ever being harmed by them. Not one.

Herfing With The Smartenizer – Life, Liberty, and Proper Tea »

I just did an interview on the Life, Liberty and Proper Tea podcast. We talk (and disagree somewhat) on source of rights, touch on understanding statistics, then move on to the subject of Nicotine Nannies, and how they’ve inspired other nannies with different causes. From there we discuss the joys and risks of tobacco, and why […]

It Doesn’t Take A Village »

She looks harmless, but listen to what she has to say about your kids. This is Melissa Harris-Perry, a professor of political science and spokesweasel for MSNBC, telling us that your kids are not your kids – they’re everyone’s kids. And she’s not alone. We’ve been hammered with the slogan, “It takes a village to raise […]

Why Would Anyone Oppose Reasonable Gun Restrictions? »

State and Federal Legislators are trying to rush gun restrictions into law before the memory of Sandy Hook fades. It’s important they capitalize on fear, paranoia, and the innumeracy of the pubic before people lose interest and turn their attention to something else. Many of the restrictions seem reasonable, like background checks, licensing and tests […]